Recently a study has been conducted which showed that 40% of online shoppers said that custom branded display packaging makes them more likely to share their experience and recommend the product to their friends. Display boxes with elegant designing and attractive packaging make the unboxing experiencing worth sharing. But less costly display boxes with embellished inner packaging can provide a similar experience within the low budget.

Product packaging has indeed a great influence on how your product and brand is perceived. After knowing the positive results and the importance of display boxes, many companies nowadays are looking forward to the ways of reducing their packaging cost by changing the designs or styles. However, they overlook the fact that actually optimizing and improving the packaging style can save them a lot of money, and also on the bright side, it provides superior product appearance.

If you are worried you can’t get your display boxes in a budget for your product while maintaining the image, you might want to look into the following tips to get yourself the perfect display boxes for product packaging within your budget:

Light-Weight Display Boxes

Mostly the display boxes are made up of paperboard, which makes it a little bit costly. You can make it much lighter and thinner by deciding the density. You will be surprised how thin you can go while actually protecting the product at the same time. You won’t lose your image; the quality will be the same. But one thing that will change is the cost of these boxes. Make the box lighter and manage the thickness according to the quality of your product regarding safety. With paperboard, the thinner they get, the lesser you have to pay.

Easy and Fun Packaging Style

Another way to keep display boxes in a budget is the easy packaging style. Choose the less costly and simple packaging style for your product. Instead of going for customized display boxes for each and every product, choose one or two easy styled boxes that could work with all your products. It won’t lose any impression, however, but it will save you a lot of money. The more creative and innovative display boxes you choose, the more you will have to pay. Easy packaging styles are quick to assemble, good for lightweight products and will give a great customer experience as well. Try it and you will know

Get Them on Wholesale

Unless you have just started your business, the wholesale purchase is the best choice to save cost. You will get cheap display boxes if you purchase them annually. While making small orders, you won’t get many discounts and moreover. However, when you buy a large amount at once, you will get a good discount offer as many suppliers offer that while appreciating the client’s loyalty and trust. So, next time you plan your budget, think of buying cheap display boxes by purchasing in bulk. In the long run, it will definitely benefit you.

Sales on Events

You want to get display boxes within budget for the packaging solution for your products, and you know Christmas is near. Would you buy it right away or just wait for the sale to be open on this special day? If you have to buy cheap display boxes, stay blind of the occasional sales going around you. These sales can save your cost with the same quality. Occasional days like New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, Black Friday, etc. prove to be very much beneficial if availed at the right time. It can be the ideal chance to get your desired quality with the least cost.

Month-End Purchase

Most of the times you want to be sure that you actually have enough supplies for the next month, just try to not to go overboard with ordering the boxes at the very start of the month. Most probably, you won’t get any discount or concession at that time because often packaging suppliers offer a handsome discount at the end of the month. So, get a hold on your order and wait to pursue it till the end of the month. It will surely save a good amount for packaging boxes.

Visit Multiple Companies and Choose Wisely

Don’t just rush into purchasing the display boxes. Always visit multiple suppliers for your display boxes purchase. Compare the quality and the price they demand. You will get the idea of who is the perfect supplier to deal with. Compare their pricing and pursue the one that actually suits you the most considering your needs. Don’t always go for the cheapest price, few companies go for less pricing for their poor quality materials. Look for such thing and choose the most appropriate one for your products.

Insert A Note

You want to have display boxes within budget with the perfect experience anyway. While choosing the simple and elegant one for your customer, you can make it a bit personalized and more attractive by adding a note on it. It can be a “We care for you” note or anything that you want to say to your customer. It won’t only cost you much less but also give a personalized experience to your customer in a very professional way. They will feel like the brand values them.

The packaging surely gives your company a boost and markets it like no other way. But if done with the smart steps, it can do the same in less budget. Giving the perfect experience to your valuable customer with the best quality is actually not that much costly, it’s all about good strategies and the right ways to select what your desire. There are many ways to save your cost and make your budget in control in efficient manners. Do a lot of research before buying and consider the tips that are given above.