Every year Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants, and many of them can migrate without any help from an immigration lawyer. But many could not enter the country owing to different reasons.

Some married couples could not provide accurate proof of marriage and prove that their marriage is not a ‘green card marriage’. Some were barred from the country based on past crimes. Then others were waiting for the permanent residency when an emergency is brewing.

It is why a Canadian immigration lawyers is vital for immigrants. They have complete expertise in the immigration process and are here to help you in unique circumstances.

But before you can hire a Canadian immigration lawyer, there are some essential things that one has to consider.

The process to become a Canadian by Citizenship

Before reaching out to an immigration lawyer, you need to understand what the process to get Canadian citizenship is.

To become a citizen of Canada, you need to apply for permanent residency first. There is a difference between permanent residency and temporary residency. The permanent residents get their visas with the goal of becoming a citizen.

The temporary residency holders should contact Canadian immigration lawyers which include work visa-related issues and problems related to the student visa. Canada immigration attorney can be helpful in all cases.

The permanent residents will have to stay in the country for at least three years before they can apply for citizenship. When you are in Canada, you can be in one of the following classes. Family or independent skilled worker or the business class. It means you may be either a family member of the Canadian sponsor or are working in the country, or you have a work visa.

Sponsorship to Family Members

When you are making an application for residency status, you can sponsor a few of the family members. These are spouse, your dependent children who are 22 years old or younger. For the kids above this age, they should be dependent on you financially and should be unable to support themselves because of mental conditions. If your common-law partner has a kid, you can sponsor him or her. If the dependent child has a kid, he or she can get the sponsorship as well.

However, you can’t sponsor your parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece or other relatives. If you are the custodian of any kid due to divorce, or in some other circumstances, you need to check this about the lawyer.

Existing Immigration Status

Before you can contact the Canadian immigration lawyer, you need to be clear about the immigration status. Are you making an application for a permanent visa without any work-visa?  

You need to ensure that you have all the information ready before contacting an immigration lawyer. The more information you give them about your situation, them better help they will be able to offer you.

Reason to Hire a Canadian Immigration Lawyer

You may be thinking why you should contact a Canadian immigration lawyer. Many successfully apply for the residencies and visas without any help from the lawyer.  But before you reject the idea, you need to consider certain things. If you are making an application for the residency and are not confident in the language capabilities, then you should have a lawyer who can guide you.


Having a Canada immigration attorney can help you in many ways. He is an expert who might have handled many cases earlier as well so he can surely help you get the desirable citizenship as well.