Hiya! Thought of putting it here about my latest interest and findings with a mission if that can help lots from my tribe!

To all those who say, ‘I wish I had a straight hair’; I bet you will change your wish soon 😊 

Know your hair!

The first step forward is to know your hair well. When I say know it, I mean the hair type and the hair porosity check.

Hair type – Can you relate??

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Take a clean hair strand, the one which is fallen (do not pluck it to test, its precious :P) and try to match it with the chart to find out which category it belongs to. It doesn’t have to be exactly one category but can span across two adjacent ones i.e. can be 2a2b or 3b3c etc. Categorising it is the step1 which helps ahead in the journey.

Hair Porosity- Check Check

Porosity is how able your hair is to absorb moisture, which is affected by the cuticle structure and the spectrum is low, medium or high. There are many ways to determine your hair porosity with the easiest one being the hair strand test. Take a clean hair strand, place it on a glass of water and let it sit for about 15 mins. If the strand floats it is low porosity. If it immediately sinks or sinks before 15 mins it is high porosity. If it is in the middle it is medium or normal porosity.

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If strand floats

Low Porosity

If it immediately sinks or sinks within 15 mins

High Porosity

Sits somewhere in the middle

Medium Porosity

Still confused??? Answer few simple questions on and find it out!!

Now once we have found out hair category, moving onto next step.

Know the process!

Thumb rule – There is no One process that fits everyone!

Knowing the right process that suits our hair is something that needs lots of trails with humungous patience. To jot down them, it’s about How do we clean the hair, How do we condition, How do we dry and Voila .. a Happy Hair Day!

How do we clean our hair

Cleaning or clarifying - the process of shampooing is often done wrong and then we curse the product! The cleaning agent must always be applied onto the scalp but not at all to the hair shafts. Dampen the hair properly and apply the cleaning agent (can be a shampoo or a homemade cleaning solution) gently on the scalp and rub it with the fingertips; finally rinse!

Applying the agent on the hair shafts might lead to loss of essential oil and moisture from the strands leading to a super dry hair.

Trust me, most of the times it’s not the product, it’s the process! 😊

How do we condition our hair

Conditioning the hair heals the hair and provides lot of moisture to it, when done right. There are numerous ways to do it, I will name a few that I follow.

Apply a generous amount of conditioner on the dripping hair- Yes, I SAID GENEROUS AND I MEAN IT 😊 with a smoothing motion and let it sit for about 5 mins- can use a shower cap to create some heat.

Then, detangling process starts followed by squish to condish! It’s kind of a generic process suitable for most of Indian hair types. Detangling is to remove the hair tangles that’s caused due to the wet hair, gently. Can be done using fingers (called finger detangling) or a wide tooth comb or a denman brush.  Once detangled, to stay away from frizz and clump them together, follow squish to condish method.

Also, there are some conditioners available which are used both for cleaning and conditioning , known as Co-wash.

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To add more to it, you might choose to use a hair cream to add more moisture (rake in a coin sized amount) followed by a Gel to hold the moisture and retain for a longer time. No, all Gels are not bad and can be homemade!!

How do we dry our hair? 

Be gentle to the wet hair as they are weakest then. Preferably use a cotton tee (which has given by far the best result) to absorb the excess water and then leave it to air dry or use a hair diffuser on a medium low heat. Avoid hot air!

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Know the products!

Having the right products on hand matters a lot for our hair type. Few basics what’s to be followed are as -

For awareness, the order in which ingredients are written is same in the proportion they are in! So newbies can type in the first few ingredients on and find out if it’s a right product 😊

Few tips that I blindly follow

  • Understand the science behind the hair, you would then fall in love with it.
  • Should never use comb on dry hair, rather use it on dripping wet hair. Using it on dry hair causes more frizz.
  • Start detangling from bottom toward the scalp.
  • Do not touch your hair while the drying process – be patient.
  • Use satin pillowcase while sleeping

All that I have scribbled here is all that I could collate from my readings, personal experience etc and this is the just 10% of it. I am on this journey for about 1.5 years now and way to go😊


And YES, Good Bye Forever

Note - Picture and Content reference- Various websites.