If you are searching for the method to How to Backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive then, definitely your search gets over here. In this blog we are going to explain to you about the techniques to backup yahoo Emails.

User query: How do I backup yahoo mail folders to my hard drive?

To answer these questions, we provide you with the best solution to backup your Yahoo emails.

We hope this solution helps you to backup all the emails to Hard drive.

Yahoo is one of the most used email-clients & it is universally known over the world. It is very important to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive so as to view or use the emails in an offline mode also. Backup also protects all the emails from malware attack, viruses, hacking etc. Users are also able to forward or share these emails as a document to anyone. Next, we discussed the need & methods to backup yahoo emails.

The necessity to Backup Yahoo email to computer

The Needs to backup yahoo email mentioned below:

  • Users can use the backup email data to access it in the future.
  • Backup email data with attachments help you from data loss or hackers.
  • It is best to backup all the yahoo email to drive before the virus enters the data.
  • Backing up data in hard drives protects all documents & gives access to users whenever they want.

Next, we are going to describe the method to backing up all the yahoo emails.

Methods for How to Backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive

The steps to backup yahoo email are:

Method 1: By using POP/IMAP

  1. Copy your email at a time & paste it into Word.
  2. Save personal mails from Yahoo to your hard drive at the same time.
  3. Use the POP / IMAP settings options icon to access Yahoo email to other email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
  4. Use another mail address to forward yahoo mail to another email account.
  5. You can know archive or backup your Yahoo emails on local hard drive

Method 2: By using the outlook software

  1. Move to the account & access the account. Then, select the Yahoo Mail.
  2. Use the server configuration button to provide the details of the Yahoo account.
  3. Give the server details along with the POP & IMAP option. Check the security connection as SSL/TLS.
  4. Now you are able to download entire Yahoo mails to the Computer.

The manual method is good for the backup. But along with this, you have to face several drawbacks & limitations for manual methods.

Limitation for manual methods are:

  • Time-consuming & very long to execute.
  • A complete technical assistance needed to process the steps
  • Novice users face difficulty while using it.
  • Loss of data is the fear of main concern here.

Therefore, we also suggest automated methods to ease the backup process. This method is less complex/technical and provides a hassle-free solution. This utility requires no technical assistance for backup emails. One such utility is Yahoo backup tool which helps users to back up all your email with attachments. And also provide options to import the email to other desired formats or email clients.


This blog explains to you the manual methods to How to backup Yahoo email folders to hard drive. As the manual method is lengthy to execute & time-taking, we also suggest you the alternate approach of conversion by using the professional utility. So, explore & choose the best method according to your convenience.