We can't talk about our problems publicly. We are not allowed to scream our sadness out aloud. We are not meant to cry our heart out. We are meant to fight we the demon inside us alone. Why? Because we are meant to be strong. But, wait! What does being strong actually means? Does it mean that even if we are dying inside but still we have to pretend to be totally fine? No, certainly not! In reality, it means to let our emotions flow without any metal barrier, be it be of sadness or happiness. But, why aren't we able to do so? Because of the so-called society whom we give unnecessary footage will judge us, laugh on us. The best gift, we men have got from the society is patriarchy. Often men are being criticised for being dominant. But what we fail to see that patriarchy has been practised by both the genders. We fail to understand the burden and struggle of being the sole bread earner of the family. We fail to understand, how it feels sacrificing the social life! A smile usually cheers our mood but ironically it is being used more often by the men to hide their pain and eventually making them weaker from inside. And when things go out of control, we hear the news of heart attacks, suicides, etc. And at the end, society will be left to say that "अच्छा आदमी था". So stop being a slave of the society and live freely.