I m the gold
With the label of old
I m bold
I m soft
I m aligant
I m a story
I m your inside poetry
But when I want
I m just a mystery
I m pretty but not rude
I m mature....So please don't call me cute
I m from village but urban call me I m from their age
People love me...They drape me on their waist
I m royal ,I m poor,I m tradition, I m history
I m love ,I m lust
I m seduction
Tell me the truth
Am I not an addiction
I m affection i m attraction
Still not in wonder list
But i m god best creation
I m simple yet stylish
From road side to ramp floor
I m always in hit list
I know u owe me
But do u know me
In a 6 yard fold
But I m not old
I m a gold,with a label of old
I m every women desire
I m in tears I m in smile
From school teaching
To party limelight
I have many faces, many styles
I m a beautiful saree

On your hipline...