This book is an elaborated, classified and unique collaboration between three different Poets, Shounak Pal, Aniruddha Mukherji and Saurabh Pant. 

A work that focuses multiple galore in the field of poetry and thrills the readers with the concepts introduced in various forms with greatly composed rhythm, spirit and impact of poems by all 3 collaborators- It is an attractive work and shall for sure insert the feeling of awakening in all those who are deeply in touch with the genres of Poetry. 

Set in the unique title, nicely settle rhythm and equally managed styles, the book generally expresses views on the worldly concepts, the impressions of Romantic view as well as equal challenges of the social strata and other quests that fear the present human society. 

In brief, the work is a well-created piece to awake the society from the evils, challenges and daily based problems they face in the present world scenario and is a welcome book to make sure that they continue to contribute their presence registered.