Dream, a small word with thousand meanings. A lot of people out there says, “I dream to be a CEO”, “I dream to become the best doctor”, “I dream to become the best speaker”. If you have a dream and don’t know a path to move ahead, don’t worry you have landed on a correct page. We have listed down few points which can help you to start working on your dreams, First and foremost thing to remember is, “Your dreams are yours, no one will work on it”.

  • Identify your weakness :
    To achieve your dream, first step is to try to identify what is stopping you from achieving it. These stoppers can be anything like:

    • Habit to keep things pending for no reason.
    • Simply relying on others for your work.
    • Fear to open in Public.
    • Laymen attitude towards priority tasks or others.

Sit and list down your weaknesses on a piece of paper and try to overcome it. Once you overcome your weakness's you have taken a step ahead for your dreams.

  • Efforts and Determination:
    If you have a dream, go out, work hard to achieve it. Remember, you have only one LIFE to prove yourself to your Parents, School, Children and to thousands of people who think that Dreams are something which can only be seen while sleeping. Tell them, that to achieve that dream you have to spend sleepless nights. You must be determined on your goals. Remember, it’s never easy to start on a dream, it takes time, energy and efforts to build it. The raw materials for your dreams are hard work, intelligence and determination. Your day should start with the target to achieve and should end with the satisfaction of achieving that target.

  • Journey to achieve dream:
    Always remember, for success, “the journey is as important as the destination”. Because the journey tests you, molds you and make you stronger to achieve your dream. On the path of your dream, there comes a time when you feel frustrated and you may come up with a thought to give up. Before giving it up remember, that it is just the moment that will pass, but the life after you achieve the dream will make you feel that whatever struggle you dealt in the journey is like a seed which you had sowed and that has now become a huge Tree. It is the journey and not the destination of successful people that inspires you to achieve your dreams. Hence, give importance to your journey.

  • Face your fears and overcome your failures:
    There are thousands of people out there who just Give Up on their dreams because of Fear. The Fear to Fail, Fear of handling success, Fear of moving alone. Fear... Fear... Fear... if you have a dream you will have to battle these Fears. Make your mind free of these fears, try to overcome it. Remember, fear leads to failure. What is failure?? Who doesn’t fail?? Every person reading this article has sometimes failed in their life. But, did this failure stopped you from living? No, because you decided to fight and overcome it. Same rules apply for success. Failure is not an end, but a new start to take you closer to your dream. We will discuss various reason of failure in another blog.

Last but not the least, work hard, believe in yourself, take risks and you will definitely succeed in life.There is no Shortcut to Success.