What’s my grief today…. 

It is International Widows’ Day. It is observed annually on 23rd June. In 2010, it was officially recognised by United Nations. 

It came into picture to pitch upon the plight of women who lost their husbands. The abuse and maltreatment they went through. 

We as individuals should take up to it and create awareness on a global level. Death of their spouses doesn’t imply death of their lives too. Right?


Several nations with backward communities make the life of a widow nothing but a living hell. They are denied basic rights of survival. They are devoid of any amount to afford their daily bread and butter, social security benefits are an entirely different story out there. Not just this, also their children suffer the impact. Their names are often withdrawn from schools, particularly in the case of girls. 

What needs to be done?


  • This day is entirely meant to encourage women into living a better life. Empowering widows by generating certain policies to aid them in all ways possible. Nurturing and supporting them to lead a healthy life.

  • Volunteer for welfare programmes for widows and women. Help such organisations in generating funds. Donate, if possible.

  • Engage your weekends in a good cause. Visit orphanages and old age homes. Your little interaction could bring change in their lives.