Welcome to the most interesting place in the world. Nah, it is not a science museum or a library of amazing facts, it is simply a CLASSROOM. It is one of the place which is aesthetically comic and one of the most hilarious event is the entry in this mischief room.

The first student would enter in a great hurry and open the brown door only to see that he is the first one. Finally relief would sweep into his veins and he chooses his favourite corner seat in the classroom.

The next student would open the door stealthily, as if there is a beast sitting inside and will peep through the crevices into the door then wait for sometime outside as if trying to collect tiny atoms of courage before becoming the meal of a tiger.

Another student would first check on his reflection in the window as if he is going to represent India in the Mr. World pageant and then give a loud thump to the door, hoping that it would be a Karan Johar film entry with girls waiting for him and wind blowing on his face and the guitar ringing in the air, but what merely happens is a ignore from his classmates, which deflates his swollen chest.

And there enters the cool dude guy with Apple headphones and a new Reebok watch matching the colour of his Adidas shoes. His eyes are always partially opened so as to give a look that he doesn’t care about anybody, but actually nobody cares about him.

One of the girls would enter the class and open the door as if it weighs a thousand tons (1 ton = 1000kg). Then she would glance on her favourite seat which if she occupies, she is nearly invisible in the class. As she reaches there, she walks or rather crawls (with respect to her speed) slowly as if she is trespassing the INDO-PAK border.

Then will come an enthusiast , one who would enter the class with a big smile on his face(with too much tangential force by the muscles), glowing with pleasure and as he enters, he makes sure others speculate his gymnastics abilities over the table, on the podium and over the chair.

Not to miss, how would a class be complete without the toppers! So here they enter with spectacles balanced on their nose (elastic cartilage), a book in their hand and mind looking into zero, trying to visualise the structure of cholesterol in mid air.

Yes , this is cholesterol !

And in the end enters the Azeem- O – Shaan - Shahenshah..., hey, don’t ponder too much , he is no other than the poor teacher who has the intense ability to handle these interesting heads.