"Mamma, who is God and why I am praying for my wishes in front of him? Papa can also fulfill it." who is God? I was little bit confused about answer when my 4 year old child ask this to me! When I told him He is a superior so whatever your father will not able to fulfill then God will.

"Ohh really" He said and I can't explain his way of looking at me… I mean it is just like he thought there is also something which his father can't do. Very anxiously then he ask me "Mamma but it is just an idol, where i can met him to say my wishes!"  

Again he ask me something which is really difficult to answer. Meeting Place of God…there are many places in earth but my son need to know he will not get his answers instantly from God like i give him.

and then suddenly click on my mind and I took him to out of the house and pointing my finger at sky I told him "He is God - The Sun" see my dear The sun rises everyday  for us... But as we see him regularly so I think we don't care about those things which do for us a lot. We called sun as God but not accept this. so for that we create an idol and go in front of them to tell our wishes. not only the sun, also water, trees and this air which you cannot see, just only feel it is also a form of God. you can pray in front of them too. Of course they cannot talk like me but in their own way they will help you. Remember my son, God always with you can see him every day it is not necessary that he will answer you as he has many cute children like you but it does not mean he will not care for you. Just trust him always.

"Mamma then why we need an idol?" he asked

"Hmmm because it is like a home... we create an idol and make so many people together at one place with so much of positivity. Let’s take an easy example you go to school my son, why? you can read at home too but with so many students you learn, there you have not only your questions but every day you listen others questions too! Temples are places which console us that we are not alone!

this is my way to make him understand about god still he understands a little and as he will grown up.

This is my way to make him understand about god still he understands a little and as he will grown up I am sure he will understand.

But because of my son I realized that in our mythological books we read Sun, Air, Water, Earth and fire as a god but we really believe? no, we don't. we called river as Maa-Ganga, Sarasawati but they are available for us always. May be that is why we always try to find god in other forms. we do not care what we have but we always run for that what is like 'mrugjal'(Imagination). I mean really we all know Sun has human son named 'Karna' , God of air Pavandev has son Hanuman but we need another proves How can I believe they are god. Ok fine, don't believe but take care of it, because nothing is more powerful than nature. We are not destroying our earth slowly - slowly but we our destroying ourselves. So save yourself! Nature does not need humans, we need it!