Summary- Its a choice to gain fat or to reduce fat but it is a necessity to stay healthy and fit. This article is exactly the implication of what are the best measures you can take to fight obesity with the help of -Yoga!

Yoga has become an excuse for people who don't want to workout. Little do they know the undivided attention it demands. The increased pressure on the health sector to make, build products and services for improving the health conditions in the world is remarkable. As the focus shifts from the damages to improving methods, people have become accustomed to maneuvering the challenges to living a better lifestyle, to dodge the paperwork of health insurance.

Obesity is not just a cosmetic concern. It increases the risk of diseases like- heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. You are most likely to have health problems if you are obese. It is diagnosed if your BMI(Body Mass Index) is 30 or higher.

The daily consumption of all the oily, processed food, junk and unlimited sugar intake without any form of exercise or workout, results in bloating, obesity and other side effects if your immune system is not working like a machine (which is usually the case when you grow older). 

As we know, nobody pays attention to their body until its too late. It's just like studying in the last hour for your exam. The feeling of unrealized harm that we have caused to our bodies is- not accepted! That's when the urge to transform overnight sets in.

Yoga is a savior when it comes to being stuck in any sort of mental or physical block.  Therefore, we have picked up the best solutions for you to fight obesity. Let's shred some weight together as a team! Its time to get rid of those extra pounds starting today. We have:

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Fight Obesity

  1. Pashchimottasana

This asana is also known as a forward seated bend pose. It helps to tone up your thighs, abdominal area, pelvic region, hips, and shoulders. Extremely beneficial to counter obesity as the regular practice helps you lose some fat.

  1. Phalakasana (Plank Pose)

Whether it's about your core, arms or will-power, a plank helps to build up your strength. Hold on to this pose as much as you can. Make it sweat!

  1. Nauka Asana

This asana strengthens your back, midriff, abdominal muscles and reduces your stomach fat at a fast speed. This pose may be hard to hold, but is also an important exercise to keep yourself healthy. Yoga retreat in Chiang Mai is excelling at their practices and is now popular to boost up the energy amongst the masses to adopt a safer, healthier approach to life. 

  1. Ardh Chakrasana

This pose is a standing backward bend. Yeah, you heard it right! As much as this pose is beneficial to your back. It is even more complimentary to lose weight. Learn how to balance your body by holding your core and breathing in patterns.

  1. Bhujangasana

This asana is also called the Cobra pose. It stretches up your entire body with a single pull as you lay flat on your belly. It benefits are spread all across your body parts. From shoulders to neck and back pains, this arch is highly beneficial to get rid of many other diseases you may catch.

This asana helps a great deal to reduce fat of your belly, arms, and neck.

Other breathing exercises like Kapal Bharti Pranayam, is also highly recommended as it increases the rate of metabolism and reduces weight. Breathing techniques are the best and the easiest way to reduce body fat. All these yoga practices can be done joyfully at a holiday as well like at a yoga retreat in Thailand

Not restricted to any age, any size, Yoga can become a part of your happy days! Start today for a better tomorrow.