In SSC CGL exam, the Quantitative Aptitude Section is rated to be toughest as well as challenging section of all. So, before starting to prepare for this section, it is very important to understand the exam pattern and the importance of this section, from examination point of view. 

In CGL Tier-I Exam, Quantitative Aptitude section will have 25 multiple-choice questions and each question will carry two marks and 0.50 marks will be deducted as penalty for each wrong answer.

In SSC CGL EXAM Tier-II, Paper I – Quant Aptitude comprises of 100 multiple-choice questions and every question carries 2 marks each. The duration of this exam is two hours and 0.50 marks are deducted as penalty for each wrong answer.

Due to increasing cut-throat competition in this exam, it is also important to understand the importance of every topic. It can be done positively by analyzing previous year papers and compare the break-up of questions to identify the top scoring area of Quantitative Aptitude Section. 

The questions from Algebra have decreased to small extent but questions from topics like Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry and Data Interpretation; have not shown any considerable change from the previous year. The topics of Arithmetic cover the maximum questions (around 40 to 50%) and the concept of Percentages and Ratios have been used in many chapters. So, if you want to score brilliantly then you should prepare Arithmetic topics properly by working hard on MATHEMATICS basic concepts. 

Thereafter, do prepare topics covering Data Interpretation which comprises around 20% of questions. To master these topics, the students should enhance their calculation speed to achieve accuracy and success. The topics like Trigonometry covers around 15 to 20% and Mensuration covers around 5 to 10% of questions. These topics demands deep knowledge of basic concepts and their applicability to problems and students should also learn all relevant methods and formulas. 

While preparing the entire topics of Quantitative Aptitude Section, there are significant tips that should be seriously followed and these tips are : - 

1. Understand the questions properly 

The students are supposed to read and understand questions properly before solving it. If you are not reading questions properly then you will be arriving at wrong answers. The questions in this section demand your good analytical as well as mathematical skills and so understanding of question is imperative for you. (SSC CGL 2019)

2. Don’t rely on wild guessing 

If you are not sure about answer to any question then you should avoid answering it. The students are advised not to rely on wild guessing as it might lead to wrong answering. It will lead to unnecessary mental chaos and negative marking and this can ruin your selection prospects. 

3. Don’t depend too much on shortcuts 

The questions are presumably tougher in this section where you have to be proficient in basic concepts and its applicability to the problems. The students should not depend too much on shortcuts as this may confuse them. It will lead to wrong answering and will result in negative marking.

4. Regularity and Consistency in learning and practicing problems  

For preparing this section, students must understand that they should use “pen and paper” mode of learning and practicing problems. It will make them perfect and efficient in calculating speed. The regular self analysis through topic tests, speed tests and SSC CGL ONLINE MOCK TEST will enhance accuracy. This strategy will also work in understanding basic concepts of every topic. If you feel that you lag or have doubts then you can consult subject experts. 

5. Join Coaching Classes for better outcomes

The success in competitive exam like SSC CGL exam promises a secured Government job and so you should take maximum positive steps for its preparation. Therefore, you are advised to join any of coaching institutes that can guide and teach you in most comprehensive way. These institutes are well versed with previous year results and questions papers and can provide you with competent study material. To solve your doubts and strengthen weaknesses, you can consult the concerned faculty members and can enjoy the facilities of video classes and mock tests. 

To sum up, you should prepare Quant Aptitude Section very well as this section will play prominent role in every SSC/Bank competitive exam. This article has broadly explained each and every façade of perfect exam preparation and we hope you will follow it.

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