Virtues are actually compulsions and limitations imposed by situations. The wise makes virtues out of it, and the weaker complaints! It is accepting the situation, which actually gave you no option. Left you almost helpless. Its like bending when the wind blows hard so that you dont break.
Patience, humility, character, good habits, manners etc all virtues are babies of need. Born out of need! I repeat they are born from the need of situation. Cause if its based on right and wrong, there is a big question. Right or Wrong in accordance to whom??? For dear friend, right for one is wrong for another !! Apt for one is Faulty for other !!!

Gandhiji, A great man. He didn’t have money to travel by bus. He walked the distance. He made it a rightful thing to walk for good health. Thus his need gave birth to a noble virtue.

Ultimately it is Perception. How you look at a thing. The famous glass that is half full or half empty? The new vision is what is in it that matters, not the measure ! 

So our perception basically decides whether an act is right or wrong !!
To simplify- nothing matters; the good or the bad. All exist only in mind. Everyone has a unique virtue and a unique reason behind that virtue. 

A virtuous person behaves in a morally correct way. True, but morally correct according to whom?  Please, Please dont say society. We have all been prey to this society at least once in our lifetime. Aren’t we the society? Are we our own prey? 

So Correct according to his situation and perception !!!
So in this case we can say that (hope we can make this statement as per our present perception); That Virtues are nothing but generalized values that have arose in the process of experiences of life. So do not ever feel bad if your virtues are different because how much ever we claim it as social value, each virtue is a personal decision somewhere !!! #smblogcontest