We all are somewhere restoring various childhood facts in get-together or sort of party. Sometimes we laugh at it, and someday we give some judgemental look. With the never dying desires, we end up with happiness which helps us to heal the hidden wounds we carry. With his outstanding writing skill and one of the renowned personality of Bollywood, thrilled everyone at the launch of the famous book and one of the best of Chetan Bhagat “One Night at the Call centre”. In his paperback, he explains few things quite well and tries to link personal life and happening of people. This fiction book secured his position in the best fictional book of 2016. However, we also experience the grief and anguishment which some time tear us apart. In his novel, he explains very well, how six individual came out from that fear of failure and grabbed the chance to do things what they wanted to do.  Once a wise men Jack Ma said:- “Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.” The same thing you will see in this novel as well.

Afterwards nearly six months of not reading any book, I recite this book a few days back. I had earlier read Chetan Bhagat’s one of the popular books Five Point Someone which was undoubtedly right. 

I must say likening this to Five facts someone is not fresh, as this book does not a pact with the students, though it signifies the youth of the country. This hardcover is based on six call centre personnel – Shyam, Priyanka, Esha, Vroom, Radhika & “military uncle. Just like Five facts, somebody was modified into a movie, the Bollywood movie -“Hello” (2008) featuring Salman Khan was altered from this division. It shots out that this book has spiral through the verbatim “deus ex machina” – a plot manoeuvre where a complex problem is brusquely resolved by an unforeseen involvement of a new character. The new role in this section is none other than the Supernatural being.

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The introduction comprises a train trek by Chetan Bhagat from IIT Kanpur to Delhi where he sees a gorgeous girl who narrates him this story as long as he makes the story, his second book. The paperback then twitches with the Shyam, as the first being – which expresses the readers about his disasters as a call centre personnel. It shots out that each one of his age group had their anguishes to share. As it whispered – every skull has its headache, Shyam also stocks the griefs of the other 5. The 6 of them had their American titles, as the callers from the US could utter their Indian names. They had a pact with all generous of pointless calls, concerning every silly delinquent that could happen after buying a product and they had answered all of their callers patiently. Three-Fourth of the novel goes at a decent pace unfolding the lives of the six people. Away from each other problems with the callers, they likewise had an awful boss – Bakshi. Vroom and Shyam had intended a new website for the corporation, and they succumbed the description to Bakshi. Shyam supposed to be endorsed by the team front-runner though Bakshi defers to the report to Boston with his name on it. Thus, Bakshi not only pretentious the Shyam’s work life however that had an impact on his private life as well. The 6 of them had an own terrible experience as well which make this most popular books and best sellers fiction at that time.

They put forward their imagination in an amusing way so that they can have quality time with each other constant working. For few of them, life becomes nothing but the events of unforeseen circumstances and grief. They are about to give up, but there is a hope that one day they can achieve what they wanted. One of them wanted to become a singer, but due to the weak financial background, it ends up with call centre employee who is very depressing. Conferring to the facts, they start exploring their passion and learn things that help them to enhance their financial life. However, destiny did not want to see them happy and enthralled them from the terrible experiences done by Ramesh. That hate boils their blood when he treats them just like a slave. Work pressure and financial pressure stopping their belief and faith in God. We have been told many time that anguishment is sort of exam by God and they have written something special for us which is about to come. This gives us a sense of hope that tomorrow will be better and this is the same in the case of Shyam when god try to make contact with one of them to carry forward the work.

The screw originates when the lives of the six people intensely get exaggerated on the same day, and they abscond in a Qualis at 2 am. They turn out in getting the Qualis skid off the road into a construction site where they fight for life. It shots out that Shyam picks up a phone call then, a phone call from God. I know it sounds awful, but this is the imagination of the writer. The others also get the call, and God says them the cause of their misery and how they can overwhelm it. The fairytale then hurries up by Shyam & Vroom daunting Bakshi, redeemable the jobs of the coworkers and then enlightening their own lives as well. They have diplomacies of initial their own web designing firm, and Shyam changes to backs his love- Priyanka. The division makes an unexpected change after the phone call of God. I was presuming a good rotation in this story but cracks out that this was not upto the potentials. However, the book is worth a read and the great novel to read. It goes out that the girl who relates the story turns out to be Deity Shakti, herself or was it Chetan Bhagat’s vision? Well, many people say that few kinds of stuff are stolen from other novels and presented in the inspirational book to the readers. This novel is such a mystery book when it comes characters. It is the best read of Chetan Bhagat for me. 

Well, the enclosure of the new charm – God was a decent idea but spasms out that it did not fit the narrative very well. The post-phone-call story is not that moral. One reason why I am fond of Chetan Bhagat’s books is that he pronounces the characters in the story well. He does the similar here – may it be the enigmatic storyteller girl or Shyam. This somewhere got the rank in top 10 books. The stride of the book is outstanding till the phone call from God & I was engulfed in the story. Sometimes this novel gives a sense of happiness of getting success and somewhere it will give water in your eyes for dejection and misery. I sense that the post phone call story might have been restored. That is it for now; I had a vivid time reading the book while travelling on the bus. Buy this book online at cheap price.