Hey 'Girls', We boys can feel how much you have to face during menstruation. We understand, you bear a higher degree of pain during periods. Mood of irritation, We understand it too. Hormonal imbalance, We can feel it. Menstrual pad, Red stain, Irritated mood, for all these, you all deserve a big hats off. If somebody makes fun of Red blood stain on white shorts, Seriously, he deserves 1000 slaps. You should never feel shy because of those who can never feel the situation you face in those days. If somebody can't understand, it must be their problem. Every boy whoever reading this too, Please respect and give your all support to 'your girl' in those days. Respect Every girl because she is someone's daughter, Someone's sis. She only wants your support, Not fake 'I love you texts' or useless '24×7 romantic talks'. You should be proud on handling all these. No one should be ashamed of it. This is just a practical thing. In our country, 'ladki kitna dahej laai hai' is allowed, but Talks on much needed topic is considered not a important thing. Every day, Man is inventing new machines. But, Is his inner human is evolving ? It's said that Man is civilized. But is it ?


There is so much need of a law. Law of cutting A rapist's rape tool. A rapist just spend 4 or 5 years in jail and from the lawmaker's eye, this is enough. This is never enough. He deserves third degree punishment. (not it, only death)