One of the common complaints related to sexual activity is vaginal harm. This harm will occur throughout the course of intimacy or once it. Below are some of the reasons from which you will get to know about the factors behind the vaginal bleeding and much more, go through the below info and consult with Gynecologist in Navi Mumbai to know more. Post intercourse harm is additionally termed as post-coitus harm. this can be called post bone harm. A doctor ought to be consulted straight off because it could also be a signal of hidden cervical cancer.

Reasons behind vaginal bleeding:-
1. In most cases, the harm is unhazardous. It may be thanks to extreme friction, inflicting injury to superficial blood vessels within the cervix. it's necessary to use adequate lubrication; otherwise, the results may be annoyingly painful.

2. If your amount dates square measure close, the supply of the blood may be from your womb.

3. Benign growths, cysts, polyps on the cervix will cause harm. they're little fragile growths that rupture simply.

4. There also can be harm thanks to inflammations that occur as a reaction to rubber or a diaphragm.

When will vaginal harm be difficult?
1. Vaginal harm once sex will usually be a take-heed call of pregnancy. pregnancy is once implantation of Associate in Nursing embryo takes place outside the womb, unremarkably within the fallopian tubes.

2. Harm anytime once intercourse is additionally a standard symptom of adenomyosis. It happens once the inner lining of the womb, known as the mucosa tissue, seems outside it. mucosa tissue will attach itself to alternative close organs within the girdle region, generally, the abdomen, inflicting searing pain. it's additionally a significant explanation for the physiological state.

3. Another explanation for vaginal harm is symptom redness, a health condition principally poignant older ladies, particularly people who have reached biological time age. this can be thanks to the huge decline within the levels of steroid hormone that causes vaginal waterlessness and irritation.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases may be a significant explanation for vaginal harm. it's usually in the course of many alternative symptoms like vaginal odor, discharge, girdle pain, inflammations. It ought to receive immediate medical attention.

5. Vaginal harm may be a signal of cancer. It may be a vaginal, ovarian, female internal reprovaginalive organ or cervical cancer. It needs medical attention with none delay.

Most of the time, the explanations for post-sex activity harm is harmless. However, if it persists, you need to pay a visit to your gynecologist as presently as potential and find an intensive analysis done. this might save the condition from worsening Associate in Nursingd additionally diagnose the other underlying medical condition at an early, curable stage.