With ageing, pain starts in the joints of the extremities and weakness starts in the bones. Most of these problems felt in the knees. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

For many years of life, our body joints continue to work without any problems. Then what happens that after an age, pain starts in them, trouble starts? Researchers believe that all the processes that occur at the end of our life related to certain processes that occur at the beginning of life. These processes begin even before the birth of human beings in his embryonic state.

There is a change in the fetus while in the womb. In the embryonic state, the asthenosphere of our body is completely made up of cartilage. It changes and then the cartilage forms bones. Cartilage remains in only the part of the body where it is needed, i.e. in the joints. In these places, this process of converting from cartilage to bones stops. With this, we get ready to face everyday challenges in life. There are so many reasons for the joints pain. 

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Major Causes of Joint Pain

Some of the most common causes are injury, age, obesity, structural abnormalities etc. Apart from the above diseases like arthritis, bursitis, and muscle aches, etc., are also the cause of joint pain. Let us know about some such reasons. 

Weight gain Your joints, which connect your bones, are sensitive to heavy loads. This puts stress on the knee frame. It also suppresses your back, hips, and feet. In many ways, it can cause great pain, loss. Increased body weight or pressure on weight joints increases the chances of swelling. This can cause severe pain and swell to your hands and all joints. 


'Texting Thumb' means text messaging with fingers all the time. This is the cause of a serious problem. It can cause joint pain. It is worse for your neck and shoulders than it will give pain in your fingers, wrists. Each inch your head moves forward increases the weight on your muscles. If you bend your neck so far that your chin touches your chest. It seems that your neck has to support 5 head weights instead of one. 

Wrong shoe size 

Shoes should always be comfortable. Wrong size shoes are not right for your feet and ankles. This can damage your knees. If you are a sportsman, make sure your sneakers are right for your game. Sleep on the stomach It can help with snoring, but it does more with the rest of your body. Sleeping on your stomach compresses the spinal cord. 

Heavy backpack 

Whether it is a purse, backpack, or messenger bag, too much packing can cause neck and shoulder pain. The heavyweight on the shoulder upsets your balance. Stretching the weight on the back leads to muscle strain. So, one should not walk with too much weight on the back. This can cause severe pain in joints and muscles. 

Diet and Foods to Avoid Joint Pain 

Salmon fish This fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. It helps in reducing the inflammation caused by joint pain. Barry reduces the pain of strawberry or blueberry joint and provides relief. The antioxidants present in it, especially bioflavonoids, reduce pain to a great extent. 

The vegetables

If there is no balance of Omega 3 fatty acids, then joint pain can occur, so to balance it, eat green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, onion, ginger, etc. Stay away from carbohydrate foods like pasta, bread, fried food, and junk food. Dry fruits, almonds, cashews, Astaroth and pumpkin seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants which reduces pain by reducing inflammation. 

Olive oil 

Olive oil contains less fat and a lot of antioxidants which is very good for bones and heart, it reduces inflammation and also reduces obesity. 

Orange juice 

According to research, proper intake of vitamin C does not make bones weak. Otherwise, due to osteoporosis, joint pain occurs. So drink orange juice daily so that both bone and skin remain good. 

Along with diet, you should also exercise daily. If you do not have much time, go for a jog or a long walk. Exercise will end obesity, which is a special cause of joint pain.

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