When user decides to move to Office 365 the most challenging question is how to convert the IMAP emails to Office 365 mailboxes. There are two ways to export IMAP mails i.e. manual or automatic. The manual method differs for IMAP account you are using and it is also very complex and difficult for a novice. To migrate the files one should use the IMAP to Office 365 tool. It is the perfect method to export files without error.

IMAP to Office 365 tool is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Amazon WorkMail, and other accounts. So, whichever account you are using the IMAP to Office 365 tool works for all. So, use this email converter for IMAP file migration

Export IMAP to Office 365 by following steps

  • Start the tool and at source location enter the email details, server name, email ID and password

  • Click on the destination and add the Office 365 email details
  • Now map the IMAP account to Office 365 account

  • Select the files and folders to export or set filters to move only desired files
  • Now move the data and click on start migration’

  • The IMAP account folders will export to Office 365 mailbox

So, you can easily move the files to Office 365 without any error. In just 4 to 5 steps the IMAP files will be exported to Office 365. Download and try IMAP to Office 365 migration for free.