TYPE-1 diabetes-----

It was earlier called as Juvenile Diabetes, this occurs when the pancreas cannot produce insulin.Due to the absence of insulin the sugar  from the blood cannot reach the  cells of the body  causing high blood sugar levels. 

Treatment involves lifelong use of insulin and blood sugar monitoring. This is done with a change in diet and a proper exercise regimen. This way the blood sugar levels are managed.

TYPE-2 diabetes---

This is less common in children and occurs when there is a dysfunction of insulin, leading to a reduced function of insulin.Due to this glucose accumulates in the bloodstream.This can be managed with dietary changes,exercise and weight control.Sometimes medication like metformin is needed.

Symptoms of both types of diabetes:


Increased thirst and urination


Weight loss



Fruity smell on the breath

Toilet: Using the bathroom frequently, infants having heavier nappies, or bedwetting from a previously dry child

Thirsty: Drinking more fluids than usual but being unable to quench thirst

Tired: Feeling more tired than usual

Thinner: Losing weight

Parents should keep a check on the 4Ts


Urinating more at night

Increased thirst


Unexplained weight loss

Itching around the genitals due to yeast infection

Slow healing of wounds and cuts

Blurred vision

Type-1 diabetes develops rapidly while Type-2 main remain undiagnosed for months or years.