Write something on birthday cake for meaning?

When you visit this small article, Bánh kem đẹp Banhngot.vn believes that you are very interested in your loved one, and want to give the best for that person. So to congratulate the special day of the people, not only need a delicious and impressive cake, but also need meaningful messages, contained in it all the deep feelings that you send deeply. . But on such a relatively limited space, how can we present our ideas so concisely? We would like to send some basic ideas, please consult!

Traditional writing
- The whole family loves you!
- The whole family is always with you!
- Love you!
- Hold on, my family is always with you!
- Let's walk through all of you with your hands!
- Auntie! Happy birthday!
- I wish my parents lived for hundreds of years with their children!
- Love you!
- Long birthday celebration! Happy friendship for 15 years!
- Wish you always succeed in life!
- Celebrate the birth of Lord Huy! More successful!
- Always be yourself, I love you!
- Forever you!

What about English?
- Happy birthday to you!
- Happy birthday, my Love!
- Happy birthday Daddy!
- Happy birthday, Lady love!
- Love!
- Love you!
- Have a great birthday!
- I wish you a wonderful birthday!
- All the best!
- Have a great one!

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