When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the ban of the 500 and 1000 notes in a bid to end corruption in the country, it shattered the peace of the citizens of India. No matter who swore or cursed within the four walls of the house, in public everyone had the best opinion of the revolution that sought to change the bleak plight of the nation. Standing in the bank lines one was considered a hero, for respecting the nations gradual change. Bearing the heat, withstanding the hunger and thirst all stood in long queues of banks and ATM’s with hope that at least that particular day they would be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi. The trips to the banks were planned like some outing where people went with friends or family. At least it gave the people a reason to bond over in this high tech world. A couple of people shed a few pounds waiting in lines or walking to the bank due to lack of change to pay auto fares. The lines were a place of debate and discussion as to how this decision would greatly affect the economy of India, how bribery would be eradicated from its roots, how corruption would now disappear giving the people a degree in Finance and National Affairs. It also attempted at closing in the phenomenal gap between the rich and the poor as the rich sought them out to put their money which was not so white in their accounts. The citizens were very supportive of the decision. But I feel really sorry for the guy who was at the bank counter at the times the change of rules concerning money transaction took place. The cashier must have given him 4500 and then forced to take back 2500 as per the new regulations. And really we could see the creative talent of people over flowing once the decision was made. Memes, tweets and what not? At times people were confused : they didn’t know the line they were standing in, HDFC or SBI, the lines went for miles. At least people became more aware of their geographical location. It definitely sparked the humanity in people, as they went about distributing coffee in this hot weather. Very thoughtful. Temples and other holy places opened up their donation boxes to help the common man in need. Charity begins at home, you know? You know the best part? I would be able to proudly tell my children that I helped change the country by standing in queues for a number of hours under the hot blazing sun. Demonetization also had a great effect on sales. There were huge sales of Rolex watches and gold, definitely befitting the economy of the country. Better sales means profit and that equals welfare of the country. The airline companies saw a surge in bookings as people booked tickets to places all over the world. It wasn’t a time when there weren't any political controversies. We witnessed a party standing against the party who was trying to evict corruption. People were always tuned to the news channel, waiting for new rules and sudden changes that would put a stone in the course of the river. Children were forced to sit and study as the television was engaged by the elders in a desperate bid to do things right, the way they had not been able to when the announcement broke out, which could have resulted in better affairs. I believe demonetization did a lot more than just removing corruption from the country. Pun intended of course.