✨Bad behaviour’s observed in the classroom :-
☛ Students talks/laughs back at teacher. 

Sometimes makes noises in the classroom such as humming, tapping the desk, whistling etc.

☛ Totally ignores the teacher.
☛ Continually distrupts class with wisecracks and silly behaviour.
☛ Make silly or rude comments.
☛ Some students steals in the classroom.
☛ Some students lies in the classroom.
☛ Some students remain silent and upset in the classroom.

✨Causes /Reasons of students Bad behaviour in the classroom :-

☛  Interaction with other people are very negative therefore students feel frustrated.
☛  Sometimes students are not getting space to present themselves.
☛  Sometimes students may have been hurt by peers or adults at home or school and so now they are hurting to others as a form of revenge and power.
☛  Sometimes some students have high self esteem and simply love to entertain.
☛  If students are telling lies again and again so there can be many reasons like family environment, peers group, society etc.
☛ If students are not getting all the things or if the economic conditions of their family is not good, that also affect students behaviour.
☛ If parents are not giving attention to their child that also causes misbehaving nature in students in the classroom.

✨Remedies/Solutions to change behaviour of students :-

☛ Teacher should ask to the students their problems privately.
☛ If the students are making noise in the classroom, teacher should involve students in classroom activities so that in that way they can reduce noise.
☛ The teacher should motivate students, so that they can develop leadership skill.
☛ Give positive feedback in private to students.
☛ Students should be given space to present themselves in front of the class.
☛ Teacher should give opportunity to students to do those things, in which they are interested.
☛ If the any of the student is misbehaving then teacher should make that student the monitor of the class.
☛ Teacher should listen and understand the problems of students.
So,In that way,  As a teacher first we would observe the behaviour of students, then find out there reasons and finally we will do following steps as remedies to change the behaviour of students.