The colony which I live in is notorious for the sheer abundance of stray dogs that reside in it. These dogs have become a part of our view. Just like the trees. Just like the buildings.Just like the streets. Their presence is not noticed. Their absence is a news.

Anyway, sometimes these creatures teach a powerful lesson so subtly that it makes a fellow homo sapian doubt his maturity. Something similar happened today...

Time:7 am in the morning.

Venue: Just outside my building.

As I was about to leave the building for my morning walk, I saw a pack of four dogs enthusiastically running towards a kind looking elderly gentleman. Food...that man had food, I guessed.And I curiously waited for the scene to unfold. The dogs waited too. They waited while the man was parking his bicycle. They started licking him after he finally sat down.They were going to get food. His bag smelled of food....And after a long wait, one of the dogs got it.

No, not food. A slap...on his neck. "Get off me" , the man shouted. The dog was alarmed. Yet, couldn't understand the situation. It stood there. The other dogs stood there too. And then, they got the stone.Yes, that kind looking , wrinkled faced old gentleman was not as gentle as he looked. He turned out to be a cruel animal hater.

Anyway, what did the dogs do? They backed away. Didn't go to trouble that man at all. They went to the other side of the road and started calming one another. After hurling a few abuses at the old man, I continued my morning walk.

The scene was quite different after I reached back though. The dogs whom I had pitied just an hour ago, were now playing stick happily with a neighbour of mine. Their eyes shone as they caught the stick.The emotions of pain , humiliation and sadness had long left their faces.They were making memories out of each moment of their play.

Weren't their actions admirable? They didn't fight with the man who threw a stone at them. They cherished every moment with the guy that loved them. That made me wonder, why do we carry negative emotions for such a long time? Why do we give excessive importance to people who do not value us? Why do we undermine the people who love us? Why do we let negativity eclipse all the positivity that is there around us? Aren't these dogs much more mature?

Not everyone will like us. Why should we bother about those who don't? Not everyone will hate us. Can't we dedicate more time to those who don't? Shall we, from today, take some time away from people who negatively affect us and give some time to people who actually care for us? Let's make our inner world a bit more nice, a bit more peaceful. Let's make our mind a better place.Because we can't create a better world without creating a better mind.