I was shifted to titwala,home furniture transported by taxi when i noticed, chawl no 4 was pulled down and run down by jcb over chawl.

When taxi driver seen all dillapidated chawl, he was confused about it.road was in bad run half in chawl.remaining run at highway touch.the work of laying seadeep gas pipline  through  that place. drilled and roads dug for installation gas was going on.

The month was scorching heats.sun was boiling over head.sunburn made our body itching and rash over body.electricity tower spread over chawl.its irriting sound made us unsafe felt.

Between tower, chawl was that heavy holtage current was passing through overhead made sound irritating.

Afte two week, rodden had destroyed  face  of drainage line.she dug hole into it.and defaced chamber of drainage.

Next day, we informed about incidant.due to heavy block into toilet, toilet was choked.drains water unabled to pass through chamber.

The drain water was clotted between the nalla and chamber so that water could not flow through.

Stench of water Clustered everywhere over passage.we called. Contracter, he hesitated said,'that was not my work"and he left that matter unsolved.

So i left hope last.that builder who would take action about that broblem.i had been three day since come her.and problem arose one by one.

I solved my own problem myself.we all decided to solve problem ourself.

Nobody raised question against builder.who build chawl in unsafe.he used material was very poor rcc work was done in drainage chamber.if you touch to wall of house wall bits of cement cracked into was broaken into pieces.

Our problem have no solution.even we paid instalment monthly.he left unsolved.

So we decided to keep maintance charge maintaince from every member of chawl.everybody agreed to pay maitance charge .we chargerd 100 ruppes on every member as maintainace. 

But some rude member made block into our work.they hesitated pay that plan repairing drainage was remained pending.

Dreainage problem only bursted into chawl no 4, so that chawl no 5 and 6 hesitated to pay charge as drainage maitance becouse they said that they had no drainage problem," then why they have pay as drainage charge"

"That was not our problem"...chawl no 5.said

Then that matter closed there.

Chawl no3 and chawl no 4 had attached drainage every month problem arose into our drainage chamber.

Chawl no was  heighed high size of house.and chawl no heighted low size so that blockege broblem arise monthly in our side.

Then many probem arose one by one , we solved our own problem.we did not depend on other.

Day was passing like sand on hand.sunrise and sunset simultaneously.