I had the opportunity to travel to various parts in India that are still unkown to many people . Last summer I have traveled to eastern part of  India and seen so many good things to go there . I have traveled to Guwahati from Delhi by flight and went to Temple Kamakhya . After taking the blessings of Devi Kamakhya I continued by Road to Shilong , Shilong is the place to visit in rainy season and if anyone want to feel the nature . Everything was good there from food to natural beauty , People , and surrounding places like Cherrapunjee etc. won my heart and if you want to see International Trade of minerals such as Lime etc. takes place between India and Bangladesh . I saw Lime etc. laying down there in bulk quantity and you can walk to the LOC and click pics there . Wheather was very good because of the rain and it enhanced the beauty of the nature . Then I went to Mawlynnong village  – a small village which won the status of being the cleanest village (2003), not just in India, but in Asia and our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi also went there .Then I went back to Guwahati and took a flight to Bagdogra and went to Gangtok from there by Road . When I reached there I was shocked to see the development and cleanliness there , for a moment I thought I have reached outside India . Gangtok had many places that had to be visited , wheather , food and natural beauty to be enjoyed . I also visited Nathula border ( India - China border ) it is cold there that people suggest to drink alcohol in order to yourself warm and some times temperature there reaches -25 or even less than that . Important note photography is strictly banned there . I felt so bad to see people of India there were talking to Chinese soldier and having a handshake with them and not with our soldiers . It was my absolute pleasure to talk to our soldiers and they said " It is highly unfortunate that people are dying to shake hands with Chinese soldiers not us . People had forgotten what bad thing's China did to our country and still is plotting against our country " . Overall I had a blast there if you are planning a trip in these holidays ( June to September ) then you guys should definitely visit there .