Stickers have become an important element of the Snapchat application. Snapchat comes with a new feature where you can customize your own Snapchat stickers. But what will you do when you have added a wrong sticker on your Snapchat account? You do not have to worry as you can delete those stickers before uploading any picture on your Snapchat account. In this article, you will get to know how to delete Snapchat stickers and how to delete your customized Snapchat sticker by following the steps mentioned below.


                                                        Snapchat Stickers

Steps to Delete Snapchat Stickers from the Snap

Long press on the sticker which you wish to delete from your Snapchat account.

•    You will get the trash symbol given on the right-hand corner of the Snapchat application.

•    Put the unnecessary sticker to the trash folder

•    The selected sticker will get removed from your Snapchat account.

•    In case you have any other Snapchat sticker, then it will be on the snap.

Steps to Create Your Own Snapchat Stickers

•    Launch the Snapchat application by going to the application window.

•    Search for the thing which you wish to put as a Snapchat sticker.

•    You need to take a screenshot of it.

•    Press on the scissors symbol located on the right-hand corner of the display after capturing a screenshot.

•    You need to outline the Snapchat sticker on the picture.

•    Now, you will get the sticker on the snap account.

•    The Snapchat will store the sticker in the album.

•    Now, you will get all the created stickers in the album, by pressing on the scissors symbol.

Steps to Remove Your Own Stickers

•    Click on the Snapchat application by going to the main menu.

•    Capture a screenshot or photo to go to the sticker window.

•    Press on the sticker symbol provided to the right-hand side of the display.

•    Choose the sticker symbol given on the sticker window.

•    Keep pressing on the sticker.

•    Now, the trash symbol will start showing on the upper right-hand side of the display.

•    Pull the ticker to the trash folder.

•    This procedure will remove all the sticker permanently by going to your Snapchat account.

Steps to Remove Bitmoji Stickers on your Snapchat Account

•    Choose the bitmoji profile located on the upper left-hand side of the display.

•    Press on the profile picture of the bitmoji.

•    Click on the “Unlink My Bitomoji” button.

•    This procedure will delete all the bitmoji stickers when you open your Snapchat account.

•    You are not able to remove any particular bitmoji.

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