The friendship that lasts till the very end is the one full of true knowledge of how to be a caring friend. It is the most beautiful gift of God to us to have a loving and caring friend in today's fake world. 

A friend laughs with you, laughs at you, cries with you, plays with you, learns with you, makes memories with you, makes his or her day with you, spends his or her life with you and even loves you.

People usually don't get attached with the real meaning of friendship, which is, if understood correctly, a divine message from heaven. A true and real friend is hard to find, but once got, is always hard to loose. A good friend is always helping, caring, loving, protective, and deriving all the good qualities in him or her. He or she is always the one who is ready to help you in your problems inspite of him or her having his or her own many problems to face. We, the ones who have a helping hand of our friend with us, are the most luckiest in the world. There are many people who don't even have any friends of their own. Many are the ones who have friends, but those are fake ones. Many have friends who stays with them unless they have wealth and money, and as this wealth goes way, the true colors of their so called "friends" are seen. 

A friend should be like a mother who scolds much but cares more than her own self. A friend should be like a sister who laughs on your little mistakes but always seeks your company. A friend should be like a father who gets along the path of your life and works day and night for you. A friend should be like a brother who irritates always, but deep inside he loves you more than himself. A friend should be like a friend, who is true in nature and never leads you to any false path.

Today, I feel proud to have a friend who is indeed my soulmate. A friend is not just a random title given to anyone, but is a sacred word for the other person like you who needs you and seeks you to heaven. I have seen many people telling that they have many best friends. But the word "best" itself relates to the one and only special person in your life, not just anyone who comes and goes. Making the correct usage of the words in a pure relation of friendship will only deepen your friendship. Try making your life the best with the help of your friends and also help them to do so.