Tattoo Care – very essential to keep it’s charm
Tattoo seems to be a wonderful word which brings different feeling. A
tattoo on the body looks just awesome. Be it on a girl or a is small
or big. The craze of tattoo is increasing immensely among the youngsters.
It is known as one the bold ways to express anything. Some just make it
as a passion. The thought of having a tattoo itself is very tickling. But, it is
very important to first have proper knowledge about the making of it and
then taking care of it.
Tattoos are permanent designs on the skin, by using a needle with
permanent pigmentation. It usually takes 4 to 5 hours to make a tattoo,
but it also depends on the size of it. It is also very important to select a
proper trustworthy and a professional artist who can do his job
efficiently. Once we select him, it turns out to be our responsibility to take
care of the tattoo once made, because, even the best of a tattoo can be
spoilt if proper care is not taken.
Once the tattoo is done, it is very necessary to take proper care of it. As
soon as the person is done with the making of tattoo, they cover the fresh
tattoo with a bandage. This is done to prevent the bacteria and
infection. This bandage should be left as it is on the tattoo for at least 2 to
3 hours. Once the bandage is removed, the first thing is to wash the tattoo
with lukewarm water and liquid antibacterial soap to wash the ointment
and spread blood from the tattoo area. One should not use a wash cloth
or any kind of rough coarse material. One can also clean it with your
hands, but sterilised towels are the best. A regular application of the
ointment is necessary for at least 2 to 3 days.
If these steps are followed properly, then, a normal bathing and taking a
shower would not be a problem. But, one should be careful of not soaking
their tattooed part in hot water for a longer time as it can turn out to be
harmful. One should also avoid swimming for minimum 2 weeks as the
water contains chlorine.
There are certain kinds of symptoms like scabbing or peeling of the skin
is usually witnessed while the wounded skin is healing. If excessive
scabbing is found, that is a sign of the job not done properly with perfection
or it can be that the person’s skin type is not familiar to the chemicals. In
case of normal itching on that place, it is advisable not to scratch but just
slap that place or apply lotion on it. There would be a sign of relief to it.
One has also to be careful by Sun and Ultra violet rays. As our normal
skin needs to be protected from the direct sun, it is also important to protect
the tattoo. Thus, it is advisable to apply some good sun block on the skin
especially the tattooed part to prevent it from direct burns. One can use
Bacitracin or just normal coconut oil on the tattoo while it is healing. But,
at the same time one should be careful, that they do not use Neosporin
as they are harmful for the tattoos.
Once the initial period of all different restrictions for the tattoo is over, the
person is free to display their beautiful tattoo to the world. But, at the
same time proper care is to be taken to protect the tattoos from the direct
sun or hot water. If this is not done, the tattoos may fade and they look very
shabby. Tattoos are no doubt a beautiful body art, but only if proper care
is taken for to have it the same way in a long run.