Have you ever observed raindrops on a glass window? Some of them stick to the glass and some, merging with other droplets, fall down, leaving a trail, which later converts into more droplets. The same thing happens with the energy within all of us. When a negative emotion merges with our thoughts, the energy level falls, leaving a negative impact on our body and mind. That emotion can be anger, sadness, guilt, self-doubt, hurt, and many others. Our mind’s natural state is to be happy and peaceful, and when we force it to do the opposite, it gets exhausted quickly, which impacts our physical energy level too.

We get at least 64,000 thoughts a day! If one negative thought can impact our whole system viciously, imagine if all 64,000 are like that! What will happen to our mind and body and thus our energy level? Therefore, it is really important to check the quality of your thoughts. Observe them closely and keep a check on any negative thought that might be hampering your energy level.

You might say, “How can we not be angry, if we are in a situation like that?” You are right, you cannot stop being angry because it is an emotion that comes naturally. But you can decide on how long you want to hold on to that emotion. The longer you hold, the more it is going to drag down your energy level. It is similar to, let’s say, if you get hurt, you have two options: either you treat the wound immediately or you leave it unattended. If you leave the wound as is, chances of an infection are more, right? In the same way, having a negative emotion is natural, but how long you want to hold on to it is your choice.

Consciously start reducing the duration to hold on a negative emotion. Start slow but be consistent till it becomes your habit.