Hair loss is one problem which is faced by an individual at some point of their life. Surprised !that stress could be one of the main reasons behind it. It could lead to excess loss of hair. In fact stress could lead to acute problems with a host of infections as well. Stress also contributes to an itchy scalp leading to excessive amount of hair fall as well.

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Ways to get rid of excess stress:

  • Perform Yoga- With the help of yoga medication and better breath control is provided. This promotes relaxation and helps to remove stress.

  • Relaxing Methods- It is not only yoga you can rely on other relaxing methods like guided imagery or deep breathing.

  • Being Part of a Regular Exercise Program- A 20 minutes of exercise does help you to get rid of stress. In fact the production of hormone does increase in the body, and you do cut down his symptoms that are associated with depression or stress.

  • Make Time for Yourself- When there is poor mental health it can contribute to poor stress levels. Make it a point that you make some time for yourself. Socialize and be around with friends.

  • Focus on the Problem- The best method is to deal with the problem is to overcome it. Try to understand the reasons behind stress and work out ways to manage it.

  • Do Continue Washing as well as Brushing the Hair- When you are washing and brushing the hair excessive oil and flakes are removed from the hair. This also reduces thinning and loss of hair. In fact regular brushing of hair is important as it does stimulate your hair scalp whereby hair growth is encouraged.