“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” by Melody Beattie

We often confuse “gratitude” with saying “thank you”. There is a way difference between the two. Saying “thanks” is a polite expression and “expressing gratitude” means quality of being grateful. In the process of expressing gratitude, your words are in sync with your thoughts and feelings. Expressing gratitude is very similar to sowing a seed. Making it as a habit is like nourishing the seed and the result you get is like a flower or a fruit. The way you keep nourishing your seed to grow into a plant and then into a big tree, consistency in your routine will work as proper sunlight which will make it possible to grow your seed into a big gratitude tree.

In my sessions, I sometimes ask people to express gratitude to a chair and many of them are not able to do that because we tend to ignore lot of things in our lives considering them having no value in our lives. Then I ask them to think what will happen, if we do not have any chair around us and they start realising it. In the same way, we tend to ignore things which we consider small. By inculcating the habit of being grateful allows us to open our senses to accept the importance of everything around us.

Recently, I did an experiment with silent gratitude. I was walking in a park of an apartment where people do not know me. While walking, I kept a smile on my face and looked into the eyes of morning walkers with the sense of gratitude towards their life energies. To my surprise, most of them responded with a smile and many of them greeted me too. This is how gratitude works just by having a thought of being grateful.

The benefits of practicing gratitude are endless. To name few of them: It helps you change your perspective about life, people, and situations. It makes you more empathetic, feel more alive, and express compassion and kindness with ease. The best part is we do not have to wait for a proper place, proper situation, or proper time. We can do it wherever we are, whatever way we want, and whenever we want. The key is to make it consistent.

So, let us start it from today.

Today, I am grateful for _______________________________ because _______________________________.