We all have seen YouTubers and Instagram Influencers dripping the Farsali Elixirs in the most dramatic ways. It is been years since I am seeing people going crazy to get their hands on FARSALI Oils, Primer, and Serum in India either through Instagram Sellers or from their relatives staying abroad. Not only that, the demand for Farsali has always been so huge in India that I have seen replicas or fake products being sold in the name of it. Well, a big relief to all the FARSALI Lovers, the Brand FARSLAI, that bridges the gap between skincare and makeup is now officially launched in India at Nykaa.

I am sure Farsali Launch in India at Nykaa will be big news for all the skincare and makeup lovers who always wanted to try the World Famous FARSALI or wanted to restock their favorite Farsali Products.