Reset Verizon Email Password: Verizon email is one of the most popular email services in the United States. Although Verizon Communications retired, their email service users can still access their accounts using an alternate email service. The process to sign-in remains the same, i.e., users need to type their full email address along with the correct password to access their accounts. Your username and password are important features that are essential to keep your Verizon account secure. Cybersecurity experts recommend changing your email password at least once every six months so as to improve security. This article will give you an overview of how to Reset Verizon Email Password so that you can protect your data.

Steps to reset Verizon email password if Password Known

If you remember your current Verizon email password the process to reset your Verizon email password. As long as you know your current login credentials you can follow the below instructions to Change Verizon Email Password:

·         Open your browser and sign in to your Verizon email account

·         Navigate to the account settings from the main menu

·         Open the security settings and select ‘Change Password.’

·         Enter your current password in the field provided

·         Click on the text file and type a new password for your Verizon email account

Once you receive confirmation that your password is changed, you can close the browser and sign in to your Verizon email account using your new Verizon email password.

Steps To Reset Verizon email password if you Forgot Password

If you need to reset your password because you do not remember your current email password then follow this step to verify your identity before you can change the password. You can refer to the steps given below to reset your Verizon email password using the ‘Forgot Password’ option:

·         Go to the Verizon email webpage and click ‘Forgot Password.’

·         Enter your username and select the recovery method (mail/phone)

·         Enter the mobile number linked to your Verizon email account

·         Click ‘Yes’ to allow Verizon email to send you a verification code

·         Type the security verification code in the field provided

·         Click ‘Submit’ and wait for Verizon email to confirm the code

·         Complete the instructions on the screen to create a new password for your Verizon email account

If you need to get help for Reset Verizon Email Password then contact our Verizon Email support team members you can call at +1-888-857-5157 and get help directly from our expertise person team members. Our Verizon Email Support team available 24*7.