The area ? ?of Seixal could be the seat of the municipality that recently has about just one hundred and ninety thousands of inhabitants, split up in the parishes of Aldeia de Paio Pires, Fernão Ferro, Amora and Corroios, inside an division of ? ?about 95.50 rectangular km.

Located in one of the numerous indentations with the Tagus Stream, it abuts the municipalities of Barreiro, Sesimbra and Almada, utilizing suffered a population expansion with the construction associated with the 25 de Abril Connect and also the construction of railway and road infrastructures attaching with the outstanding core thats generally Lisbon.

Even though the town of Seixal is fairly present, the city that preceded it is actually a get by having a outstanding maritime traditions and was, yet still is, a middle for vital industrial activities.

Its riverside aspect has meant that fishing activity has always been present in the genes of its inhabitants, albeit on an undeveloped scale since it never really had a harbor, but it should be noted that it was in the village of Seixal that Vasco da Gama and his brother Paulo da Gama directed the construction of the vessels with which they would reach India.

The serenity of the waters with the bay made a substantive repair and shipbuilding activity flourish on its lenders, nowadays continually specific to Amora shipyards and within Seixal alone, along with bay again contains plenty of vessels, some angling artisanal, just simply playful types that cyclically, primarily based on the tides, surge and set up their cash for the muddy garden soil.

On the other hand, continues to attached to the sea, in Ponta dos Corvos, in the midst of the final century there have been very important services regarding the sport fishing and cod sector, specifically locations on the drought of cod, right away, complexes in spoils.

Seixal is still remembered by the Fábrica da Mundet, built in 1905 in the so-called Quinta dos Franceses and which would prove to be the largest cork company in the world with a remarkable level of workers, which had its peak, but which, like everything in life, ended for languishing, that a Núcleo da Mundet is a depository museum of that historical period.

An essential industrial processes was administered at a Fábrica da Pólvora around the parish of Corroios, just where in an critical perimeter the explosives that industrial equipment of times turned into toner cartridges coupled with other same subject matter were originally stored in silos.

The close up internet connection of Seixal with the ocean made its cuisine evolve approximately sea food foods, in the cuttlefish feijoada, species of fish stew, sea food pasta, fried eels or eel stew very much highly valued.

Even so the most recent Seixal is actually modernizing its houses, it is still factual to the beginnings and has constructed a superior quality of life deal to all or any its people and all of folks who pay a visit to it.

The Tagus Stream, along with its tides, is a really steady feeder of aquatic lifespan in Seixal Bay and the several coastal fields alongside it. The millions of liters of water that enter and exit the Bay several times a day pass through a strait that is no more than one hundred meters long, causing a strong sea current to be established in the tide changes.
Passeio marítimo do Seixal
Inside of the town, the vehicle circulation has actually been reformulated, with an individual route, at the entry ways, and we have a beautiful and wide go walking, which lets you create a take a walk and also for about two kilometers it can be easy to stroll without help walk around the block , right next to the path. bay the water , in full safeness conditions, in which you can find a boundary wall structure. However, if the option is to do the bicycle route , for that purpose, a bike path accompanies those same two kilometers.

Another proposal is a trip to Ponta dos Corvos , better known by the local inhabitants of Miratejo , Corroios and Laranjeiro as the P onta do Mato or Praia dos Tesos , in this case because they were usually people with less possessions who frequented it, although few really know it, even though it is a true paradise .

The journey to the known Ponta dos Corvos is made by using a dust road that will begin for the rear from the Miratejo Retailing ends and Center soon after five kilometers, even before the village of Seixal , constituting a person part belonging to the strait, one other is Seixal on its own , resembling an isthmus without being. The returning is done likewise.

In winter and spring, the earliest two kilometers of way may not be legendary, as a result of puddles of water, taken away each year by region councils in the taking a bath months, which confronts the northern in the Navy armed forces locations and the south by a group of ditches of water and muddy surface the place a lot of wildlife area , for instance the well-known flamingos .

The biggest change in the physiognomy of this sea arm of the Seixal Bay was the construction of about 15 huge water ditches, about 200 meters long, about twenty years ago, whose objective was to give shape to an enterprise called « Felisberto Nurseries ».