A successful man is one who stays grounded and never stops working hard. Edmond Masjedi is one of those people who have achieved great heights and yet remain down to earth. After attaining grand success in most of his business ventures, Edmond Masjedi is back with a new idea. Stepping in the entertainment industry, Edmond Masjedi of Beverly Hills is ready to take over again.

Who is Edmond Masjedi? Why is he successful?

Edmond Masjedi is one of the top businessmen in Los Angeles. He received his education from the University of California, Los Angeles. After graduation, Edmond Masjedi entered the world of corporate business and scored his first win. He worked with IPPC and secured a fifty percent share of the plastic industry. It was a victory for Edmond Masjedi which kick-started his career. After bagging a major profit, Masjedi went on a new winning streak. His efforts, hard work, and business communication skills proved to be the key to success.

According to Eddie Masjedi, one should have faith in their talent. If you have the skills, then nothing can stop you from achieving major goals in life. It is another reason why the youth follow his vision. Edmond Masjedi from Beverly Hills also wrote a book and gave lectures to young people pursuing business. He accumulated his knowledge from years of work in various sectors to share with the world. He wants the younger generation to learn from his lessons and mistake. It creates a world of harmony and a strong community.

Edmond Masjedi’s work doesn’t end here. He has made an investment in real estate as well. One amazing quality of Mr. Masjedi is his passion and curiosity. It is very well known that huge discoveries have been made by people out of keen interest and curiosity. Similarly, Edmond Masjedi and his wife Shannon Masjedi invented a new quirky product. It was a frozen dessert in flavors of popular cocktails. The ice cream was a result of experimentation and fun. Eventually, it turned into a business idea that led to the birth of SnoBar. The brand SnoBar is owned by Mr. Masjedi and is currently a popular dessert in the country.

Currently, Edmond Masjedi is working on an entertainment website that consists of trivia and buzz from Hollywood. There is so much to learn from his personality and life experiences. Follow Mr. Edmond Masjedi of Beverly Hills to pursue the right path to success.