MS Outlook is a widely used software, which creates a PST file to store its mailbox items such as contacts, emails, calendars, etc. Outlook mailbox has a certain restriction of the default size, for e.g. Outlook 2007 the WarnLargeFileSize is 19 GB and MaxLargeFileSize is 20 GB. When the PST file crosses these limits, Microsoft Outlook pops up notifications that filename.pst has reached its maximum size. 

Therefore, it is better to split PST files into smaller parts to avoid such circumstances. Now the question arises “How to split large size Outlook PST files?”.

Reasons to Split PST Files

However, moving towards the solutions, Let’s take a quick overview of some common reasons to know why a user wants to split PST files into smaller parts.

  • PST files exceeding the storage limit.

  • When the user wants to backup Outlook for future purposes, at that time it is difficult to manage large sized PST files, it slows down the Outlook.

  • Transfering large-sized PST files also turn into a time-consuming task.

To find the solutions to these problems we will offer you some easy and cost-effective methods to divide Outlook's PST files.

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Methods to Split Files into Smaller Parts

There are 4 methods to divide a .pst file in which, the first 3 of them are manual methods and 4th one is by using PST splitter.

1. Import and Export Option.

  1. Launch the installed and configured MS Outlook.
  2. Create a new Outlook PST file. Select File > More Items > Outlook Data File and then click on the File.
  3. After that, a Create or Open Outlook Data File window appears. Browse a location and name the new Outlook data file. Click on the OK, you created a new Outlook file and listed on Outlook.
  4. Now select File > Open
  5. You see a pop-up window of Import and Export Wizard,  select ‘Export to a file’ from the list and click on the Next tab.
  6. From Export to a File dialog box, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the Next.
  7. Now from Export Outlook Data File dialog box, select the folder from where data has to be exported. Open folder, select the item and click on the Next.
  8. Select the Browse tab to choose the file in which users wish to export.
  9. Then Open Outlook Data Files window opens. Select the file into which you wish to export and click on the OK tab to confirm.
  10. Click on the Finish tab to split the file.

2. Move to Folder Feature.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. From the Home, select New Items. After that, select More Items > Outlook Data File.
  3. Then you can find a Create or Open Outlook Data File window.
  4. Name the new Outlook data file and click on the OK.
  5. The new Outlook data file is listed. Open the Outlook data file from which the mailbox items have to be moved. Choose any particular mailbox folder at a time.
  6. Click on the Move tab and then Copy to Folder option.
  7. The Copy Items pop-up appears.
  8. Expand Outlook data file into which you want to copy the mailbox folder. Finally, click on the OK.

3. PST Archiving Method to split PST files

  1. Launch or open MS Outlook email client. Then, select the PST file from which the data items of the file are to be moved to a new PST file.
  2. Click on the  File > Info and then click on the Cleanup.
  3. A list will come up from which you have to select Archive
  4. Then from the  Archive dialogue box ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ box is checked by default. If it is not checked, check the box. Then, from the list select any folder that is to be moved/copied. For instance, select the Inbox folder.
  5. In the Archive dialog box, ‘Archive items older than’ select a date from the Calendar.
  6. Using the Browse option, select a location and give a name to the newly created PST file. By default, the PST file is saved as .pst.
  7. Select the OK tab to start the actual splitting process.

Disadvantages of using manual methods-

  • The procedure is time taking.
  • Require a person who is technically sound.
  • High Possibilities of data loss.

4. By using a Professional Software

You can also use a PST splitter to reduce the wastage of time and it doesn’t require any technical expertise. It also gives some extra features and guarantees that your data will be safe throughout the procedure.

Bottom Lines

Since far we have discussed all the possible methods to split PST files into smaller ones. If you have any doubts regarding manual methods then, I suggest using a third-party tool is a better option. Because data is precious and there is a risk of losing your files while using manual methods. I hope you find this article useful.