Roku activation is a one –time process that you need to accomplish before you start using your streaming player.  The activation process is essential to link your Roku player with the account.  For this, you will need an activation code also known as Link code, and an active internet connection to access Along with this, you will need to become a Roku member by creating the Roku account so that you can get the activation code. Creating account would not involve any sort of charges or payment.

How can I activate my device using link code?

The steps laid down below are accurate and complete to setup and activate Roku TV using Roku setup link.

  • Refer to quick manual guide and connect player to TV.
  • Now plug in all the essentials wires as expected.
  • Now connect the included power adapter to power up both the devices.
  • Press Home on remote. This will turn on your device.
  • Choose the Network type and complete Roku wireless connection setup.
  • After a while, you will receive an activation code.
  • After that, Go to browser and enter the code to
  • Login to your Roku account to complete the process.
  • You player is activated now.

How to avoid Roku activation errors?

There are multiple reasons for the setup failure. Some of the them are- slow internet connection, unsupported device, wrongly input code, sudden demise of activation process, Roku having low power supply or insufficient device memory.

Fortunately, you can fix the issue by applying the steps listed hereafter:

  • Your Roku device fails to connect with Roku server. Simply put, the server is denying the request to activate the account. To fix this, troubleshoot your network.
  • If you find an error code Roku 001, the restart your router and try connecting your device again.
  • Allow your device to update its operating system.
  • Use another browser to access activation link.
  • Try after the sometime.

What if my Activation code not working?

While performing the above set of instructions, users are prone to get not working issue after they enter the code into said URL. If this goes with you also, then here is what you can do to fix the error:

  • Make sure your have disabled the Caps lock, num Lock and all other functions keys that can change the actual value of key press.
  • Enter the same code again to see if this works now or not.
  • Try to enter the code by typing the every single letter, rather copying it form the device screen. This will eradicate the possibility of empty space before and after the password.
  • Try to get the new activation code.


Roku needs to be activated before you start streaming channels like Netflix on Roku. is the page user can use to activate their player.  However, if you can’t activate the device, then apply the troubleshooting steps as mentioned above to get correct the issues.