Have you recently entered the world of business? Have you been in business for a long time but want to make a qualitative leap? Do you want to make yourself known by the largest number of users and always acquire new customers? By now a website is an indispensable communication platform, but only if you activate a positioning strategy. If you want to find out what SEO is, how it works and why it will be your turning point, read on!

What is SEO and the secrets to position yourself on Google

SEO meaning and strategies

Simply put, but substantially correct, SEO represents the set of strategies and practices implemented to increase the visibility of a website, climbing the ranking of results on search engines. Attention: we are talking about "organic" results , that is to say, they are searched completely spontaneously and without the forcing of advertisements or redirection from any page that conveys us to a website. SEO is an acronym in English that stands for " Search Engine Optimization " and that will literally sound to us: "search engine optimization".

The practices in question involve the different aspects of a website: from the structure, to the HTML code, from the textual content to the management of theinbound links (i.e. those that refer to your site from others and called backlinks) and outbound links (which from your site direct to others) that are used by Google to understand if we communicate with sites that deal with the same sector of ours.

Google and its algorithm

Google is the most used search engine in the world , that's why almost any SEO NYC consultant studies and conforms its strategies to the google algorithm, subject, which is not negligible, to continuous updates to maintain its authority in the classification of results based on quality of the site and to prevent the "smart ones" from conquering the first positions.

On the other hand, it is exactly what we expect when we do a search on Google: we have faith in the fact that the first results that appear are the best, that is, the most pertinent to our search and with the greatest number of useful information. Keep in mind one thing: Google always takes sides with the user and not with those who are "selling" a service . If the success engine algorithm unmasks commercial intentions or an attempt to circumvent your criteria, then the penalization of google will be immediate and the reputation difficult to recover (after all it is not much different from what happens in our social relationships!)

Specifically, a search engine operates in the following way:

analyzes the field of action through the use of robots ( crawling );

indexing the material obtained ( indexing );

sort the results ( ranking );

responds to user requests ( SERP ).

Here then the first task of an SEO expert is to write content consistent with the mission of the site and full of ideas (which are not limited, in short, to the promotional message). Google has in fact a semantic intelligence that captures the consistency and correctness of the texts developed on the site.

SEO keyword

The first step, fundamental of the SEO activity, is the search for keywords. Those to choose to position your site must be carefully researched and selected . There are a number of criteria to consider, including: the type of service offered, the search volume, the target of potential customers and the effectiveness of the long queue.

The search for the most suitable keywords for your case is usually performed with special software, but interviews with users, benchmarking analysis, or the search engine itself can also be useful.


Content is the most important part of SEO services. Before we talked about "google semantic intelligence", now is the time to explain it better. Google's algorithm , the most advanced search engine, manages to read the textual contents of a page , being able to understand its meaning; consequently, it assigns a score , based on the quality and relevance to the user's search, which will correspond to the positioning of the page among the search results.

The natural is the best weapon to get a good view from the Google robot often repeating the key word that position in a text or do not have anything to tell users and stop publications, not only are little useful actions , but rather self-injurious . In the first case, in fact, Google unmasks the obsessive attempt to position itself with the keyword, while in the second it will be difficult to obtain the position in the long run if you no longer write content. When creating a text, there is also a structure to follow to comply with the SEO criteria; also for this reason we usually refer to specific software.

Obviously, a crafty search engine like Google does not escape plagiarism and duplication of content which, again, are a reason for penalty! So squeeze your minds and make original and innovative content!

Discover also the importance of titles !

In short, to create sites that respect and obtain organic results from Google it is necessary to approve the SEO language: quality content that generates value for the user, intellectual honesty, keyword entered naturally, inbound and outbound links and constant updates. That's why opening a company blog that integrates your site is the best strategy for obtaining a good positioning, lasting over time. If then you have decided to make a change to your site and your business, entrust yourself to an expert and youthful web agency , which knows how to take your site in the right direction: towards the first results of Google!