Issues Faced while dealing with Remote team:

1)     Setting up the expectation

2)     Communication

3)     Documentation

1)     Setting the Expectation: Clearly define the roles and responsibility of the team members. Nominate two persons, who can play the role of lead and backup lead, whose major responsibility is task assignment to the rest of the team members, and sharing the consolidated status by end of the day to the PM.

The team should be matured enough to handle the tickets based on the priority. The details of resolution/ steps taken need to be updated in the tickets. So in case, the task gets handover to the offshore/onshore one need not troubleshoot the tickets from the beginning

2)     Communication:

The major issue with Remote team is the communications. Many projects fail to meet expectation because of communication. Have a suitable language and a convenient communication method.

1)     Use Calls, whenever urgent information needs to be shared

2)     Use chats applications whenever a call is not possible.

3)     Mails for conveying the detail information.

Ensure that the remote team is aware of what method needs to be used based on the situation.

Have a status call once / twice in a week, based on the project health. Preferably agile methodology

Ensure the team is aware of

1)     Who is working on a particular task?

2)     Issues that they are facing, any help, suggestion required from others.

3)     What task will be taken up in the next few days?

Proper Hand Off By the end of the day the offshore/onshore team needs to provide a proper handoff.

Have sections like:

Tasks Completed:


2)     MMMMM

3)     NNNNNNN

Hand Off Task:

GGGGGG – 50% completed, please proceed with HHHHHH

Most of the time, team miss out the handover communications, to ensure these details are been communicated properly especially when the project health is not good, have a checklist if required. Encourage the team to follow this pattern consistently. Have a written communication/ e-mail, followed by a call if any clarification is needed.

Documentation: Have proper documentation of important projects, troubleshooting steps. People tend to avoid documentation because of lack of time. But the time spent on this helps a lot. It reduces time, cost and dependency on key resources. Encourage the team members to read and document repository periodically. Share the document links and comments to improve the process.