Differences among Judging ,Criticising and analyzing

These three nouns may look familiar in meaning but actually there are small differences in all of them and their impacts are very big,Judging someone means you are giving more critical view of a person,mostly his or her bad side,and mostly this fuses with our emotions and predetermining nature of human being. Criticising is totally about bad impression on mind and exposing all bad side of a person to others or yourself,discarding all good in him.where you want to show him as inferior than yourself,others or not worthy to be better.Here comes analysation,to me its all good,if we can analyze a sub or a topic,then why not a human being. Analyzing means you are showing both good and bad side of a person discarding your own very personal impression but on the basis of pure universal logic,this is called the study of human being,what is a good habit to keep on to understand more about human mind,its neither about Criticising nor Judging.