• Please give details about your initial education and forming years of life.

I have completed my schooling from National English School,Rajapur. Current am in Std 12 science in Navjeevan High school and Junior College, Rajapur.

  • How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write? 

I loved APJ Abdul Kalam's quotes very much. I had made a separate book where I wrote his quotes. It was then that something clashed my mind that," even I should write my own quotes." After having ample of quotes my confidence boosted and I moved on for my first poem which dated 16 April 2016. The stage I have reached today in my life I give all its credits to my English teacher Mrs. Asolkar Mam. It was she who made me believe that I possessed the power to write. It was she who motivated me and she still does motivates and guides me alot.

  • What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work? 

Nothing yet! Because I have a guru who trains me before I meet any other difficulty

  • What is your view about the present-day literary work? 

Literature is best tool to spread ourselves through our writings amidst the people.

  • Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers? has provided a platform to all such people including me.

  • Please tell us something about your literary work. 

I love writing poems and stories. I love reading novels too. I started writing poems when I was in Std 10. A year later I started to send my poems to 'Children's world' magazine.

  • What was your first literary work and how was it published? 

My first poem was 'is it a trend?' it highlights the fact that people today will take a scooty ride instead of walking. I have written a story whose title is 'The Shuffled History' and am currently writing the book ' The Guy who never married'. I am all set to publish my first book which is collection of my poem as soon as I wind up with my boards.

  • How many ways literature can contribute to society in future? 


  • Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world?

I want to see myself in list of the best sellers but I would always be a student to my English teacher no matter whatever success I achieve.

  • What ways would you suggest to build a community for poets? 

Poetry writing contests in schools and colleges and workshops for them

  • What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers? 

Just write...feel yourself and let your writings make others feel you. Keep expressing

  • How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror? 

It was very precious... I thought this year I wouldn't be able to write much since I knew I have to appear for my boards...but as soon as I saw those variety of competitions I couldn't control myself it kept me in contact with the literature.

  • Would you like to say something about StoryMirror? 

I love its feature that provides a range of competitions that provides the strength that the whole of the India is reading me.