Show Gratitude

This is a common personal feeling what I am about to share about Ocean.I mostly like to stay near Ocean,I just want to see it and watch over it for eternity.When people visit any seashore ,most of them want to bathe in it,swim against those big waves ,and always preserve the thrill to cross the ocean through the waves.But I find some corner ,some grey rocks to sit,I find it like a living creature breathing in its waves,which is very regular sounds like heartbeats to me.I wish to talk to it if it could and always feel bad when I leave it,because I cant hear those waves anymore .So here I am talking about Personification or imagining a non living things as living being.
I believe that if we try to personify every object we use then we can feel more significances and values of objects,and their usefulness in our life.And people do that but only with those which they own by themselves,but we need to show the same attitude with those we don't own.Like you buy a car,or a house,or a phone which you can say that it's yours personal and you care for it because you own it but we should think the way these objects are serving us to feel better,to make our life more comfortable. If we ride in bus ,some of us use to make scratches over it,writing names over it,or make it colorless,but if we are using it everyday then why making it looks ugly,that vehicle is saving your time,it is serving you so you can have more seconds in life to count,helping you like a living being.Then why you show your carelessness on it ?The reason of our recklessness is simple ,its because of "mine" word that makes us differentiate what is ours and what's is not and we take everything for granted that's our mistake.
The tragedy is we live in a world where we treat humans like our possessions,objects you think you own them then how can we treat objects as living being.It is just upto you how you want to see it and see wisely.

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