Are you looking forward to spend your upcoming vacation on a cruise with loved family members? Then you need to keep few important cruise packing tips in your mind. This will assist you to make sure that you are ready to go on the cruise and enjoy your holiday like never before. Below mentioned are 10 such excellent cruise packing tips, which you can keep in your mind while you are taking part in an Abu Dhabi cruise.

1. Be careful with the carry-on bags you buy

You should be extra careful with the carry-on bags that you purchase in order to go on the cruise and enjoy with your loved family members. You will need to add all the essentials, such as the toiletries, medications and clothes in the carry-on bag. Therefore, you should find it as an easy task to take the carry-on bag along with you while you are onboarding to the cruise. That’s the reason why your carry-on bag needs to be compact and portable, while providing plenty of space to accommodate all the goods.

2. Wisely pack the checked luggage

Next, you need to think about packing your checked luggage. If you feel that you are overpacking, you can leave behind the clothes that you don’t really need. In case if you are going on the cruise along with your family members, you will have to pack half of your clothes in one suitcase and the other half in another suitcase. This will assist you to avoid frustration if any of the suitcases get lost. In addition, you need to keep in mind not to add any valuable items to the checked bag you have.

3. Get to know about the dress code

You need to learn about the dress code before you start packing for the cruise holiday with loved ones. Otherwise, you will have to encounter awkward moments while you are travelling on the cruise. For example, if there is a gala dinner, you will need to pack appropriate clothes for it. You don’t want to attend the special events in the cruise without dressing properly. But when you are equipped with right clothes, you will be able to get onboard with confidence.

4. You can do laundry onboard

Before you go on the cruise holiday, you are encouraged to take a look at the cruise reviews and have a clear understanding whether Laundromat facilities are provided to you or not. If Laundromat facilities are available, you don’t need to worry about taking too many clothes when you go. However, you need to make sure that Laundromat facilities are being provided to you at an affordable price tag. That’s because you don’t need to spend a fortune on these services.

5. Pack your favorite toiletries as well

When you are going on a cruise holiday, you cannot expect the favorite toiletries to be in the cabin. That’s why it is important for you to think about packing your favorite toiletries as well. If there is a specific shampoo and a soap that you like, you need to add that into your bag. Otherwise, you will have to depend on the toiletries provided to you by the cruise.

6. Dress appropriately for the destination

Some of the destinations are more formal when compared to others. Due to this reason, you are encouraged to have a clear understanding about your destination before you visit. Then you will be able to dress appropriately for the destination as well. For example, if you are going to Hawaii on a cruise, you will have to think about dressing more casual clothes. But if you are visiting London, you will need to dress in a formal way. You need to take a look at the temperature and environmental conditions when you are dressing as well.

7. Keep some additional space inside the suitcases

When you are packing your clothes in the suitcases, you are encouraged to keep some additional space. That’s because you will come across a large number of souvenirs while you are traveling and you can think about collecting them and packing to your suitcase. If you don’t have enough space in the suitcase, you will have to leave those exciting souvenirs behind. If possible, you can take a foldable duffle along with you, so that you can take home all the souvenirs without wasting too much space.

8. Mix and match your clothes

If there is a possible for you to use your clothes for two different purposes, you will not come across the need to take a lot of bags along with you. That’s where you need to think about taking clothes that you can mix and match as per your preferences. If you can wear the same outfit for sightseeing as well as going out for a dinner, you will be able to save a lot of space from your suitcases.

9. Never forget the basics

There are few basics of packing that must never forget when you are about to go on a cruise holiday. For example, the cruise cabins don’t usually come along with alarm clocks. Therefore, you will have to think about taking your own alarm clock. In case if you are willing to use your mobile phone as the alarm clock, you will need to keep it in the airplane mode. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money on the roaming charges. In addition, you need to pack plastic bags, ear plugs, sunscreen, memory cards, batteries and over the counter medicine as well.

10 Keep all documents

You need to keep all the important documents with you while you are going on the cruise holiday. It is better if you can pack them in the hang luggage. Then you will find it as an easy task to provide the documents, whenever you are asked to produce them as well.