Reality shows have become quite popular in our country and every parent wants to showcase their child's talent in front of an audience.They want to live their dreams through their children. But do they really think before taking this step that participation in these shows can have an adverse effect on the children.It is like child labour as children are too small to handle the pressures of the show.The pressure to perform well can enhance the channel ratings but can demoralize children.This can lead to frustration,depression and can become fatal too.

Children at a young age are under stress and cannot take the judges criticism and remarks positively which can cause a low esteem in them.They may find it humiliating to be snubbed in front of a big audience.The pressure of rejection causes a stunted mental growth and they may develop mental problems.Some may achieve fame at an early age and become used to the limelight but once the fame fades they can't handle isolation.

The normal growth stops as these reality shows require hours of endless rehearsals which become tiring for children at a young age and may take a toll on their health.There have been instances where children have fainted or become sick on the sets.Their energy gets sapped up,their studies and extra-curricular activities suffer.As most of their time is spent in front of the camera home-work and exams take a backseat.They are exposed to adult jokes and life at a vulnerable age.


Sometimes parents push their kids to perform well as the children who win are lauded in form of monetary gains.Parents are happy to accept the gift as it can help in the betterment of the child's future.The families may not be financially secure so the money is used to fulfill the child's dreams.Parents have too many expectations from their children but they should keep in mind the physical and mental well-being of the child.The normal growth of the child is hampered so till the child comes of age they shouldn't allow the children to go in for these shows.


In India a young girl suffered paralysis due to the judges harsh comments in a reality show. A 11 year old committed suicide as she could not tolerate defeat.Mentally children are not mature to accept criticism so it can have an adverse effect on their young minds.Both parents and children shouldn't be glamour struck,instead focus and become well versed in their art and then try their hand in these competitions.Parents feel they are a platform to attain stardom but they should keep in mind the consequences associated with these shows.It is an Oxymoron for reality show as there is hardly any oxy than the show should provide.They should be banned for small kids.