The world we live in, is never the same,

It keeps changing from frame to frame,

Running out for life with name and fame,
 We are turning into mere pawns of a game.


Some people are exotic with a total different approach,

Some people are magical like an illusion porch. 

 Some people are fanatic in handling risks, 

Some people are drowsy and not brisk. 

 Some people are out with motive to explore,

Some people are waiting for things which they implore.

 Some people are demanded wits by all that they “know”,

Some people are still waiting for bits with necessities at “no”. 

 Some people are always at loggerheads, with things more than enough,

Some people are struggling to thrive, with times that are real tough.

Some people are still at greed, in spite of things, they have and rave,

Some people are contented, though they have nothing for the future to save.

The world is all that, with people at contrasts,

With a span of life that contracts.

There may be things that distracts,

Sometimes lingering within the hearts and protracted, 

But all that we need is to retract.

Routines emerged in finances,

Sometimes brings out menaces.

Fighting them with our mystic lances,

we create our spaces.

Without even caring about things that are worth,

We run behind things that are pennyworth.

Life can give us tough times to scramble,

But the option is not to wamble, it is to trample...