Motivation versus Surroundings

Why do you fail in an exam? You did not work hard, you are not talented enough like other students or you were not inspired to study.

It’s easy to think that way. While the real story can be entirely different. These things definitely play a role but what governs that is the environment. Your surroundings are responsible majorly to shape you into a person that you are today.

Environment in disguise

Surroundings form a concealed hand that molds human conduct. From our childhood, we have been taught that to succeed, we need to be hardworking and motivated. These virtues are there in the picture but do not form the entire picture. Your overall behavior, personal traits are governed by the environment.

If you are willing to multiply odds of success, then you require an aura that stimulates the outcomes and pays off in the long run. Before getting started, analyze and assemble ways to fix good practices and stop hesitating.


I will give you a small example. We all have watched 3idiots, right? There was a college student Farhan Qureshi. He wanted to be a wildlife photographer and not an engineer. Was he motivated any less? Yet was unable to perform. Why? Because that was an unsuitable environment for him. 

In Dangal, Geeta Phogat was motivated enough to win the gold medal for India, when she was up for the internationals and got her training in NSA (National Sports Academy). But she failed in all her attempts because the environment gets changed.

In order to maximize your results, you should be sustained in that environment that accelerates your efforts and not hinders them.

Methodology to build a good environment


Here is the blueprint:

1. Robotize skilled choices: As soon as you find time be ready to set up an aura to take great assessments for you. For example, if you want your face to glow flawlessly, you need to drink lots of water. Buy many fancy bottles that you can fill and keep around you. Place each of them in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

2. Go with the flow: #GetWithIt.

Inculcate certain habits in your daily routine so that they form a part of your behavior. For example, if you are planning to hit the gym then select a gym which is on your way back to home so that you visit it regularly without skipping. It will form a daily pattern.

3. Evacuate negativity: Stop surrounding yourself with negative people. You are not doing anybody a favor instead only hampering yourself. For example, if there are some people who you know are toxic, it is not necessary to speak to them. You can be distant. 

An environment has a luck of its own


And that’s not all. If anything does not go according to the plan, we are tempted to blame it on the environment. If your interview was not good, that was not your day. If you are late at work that’s due to traffic, for sure. But on the other hand, when you are in a win-win situation, you will never pay any gratitude to the environment. Then the surroundings are just a passing thing. Therefore, it’s highly important to cope up with the surroundings. They promote good as well as your bad demeanor. Attach a timeline to your plans that are supportive of your environment, and you will surely see the chain reactions.