Writer's Block - Part 2

Writer’s Block

3. You have a blueprint but you can’t cross over this one section of it.


Some writers really go around with just the outline, while some don’t have even an inking. To some writers a rough sketch is like the road to trod on, an aligned way to deviate from as far as possible. Supplementary to that, each project is different – although you are a blueprint fan yet you might have to poke in the dark to grab this one special story.

Apparently, there might be two distinct reasons for the writers being stalled:

1. Your blueprint might not be flawless and you just won’t accept it. You can’t get from start to end when the main plot does not add any gist. This could be because you are quite distracted. Very few of us have the comfort of being away from interferences. Distractions take up a huge amount of the brain space. If your imagination gets stalled, you reach peaks of frustration. Now, there is too much in your brain and too much on your desk, pending! If you are not one of those rare critics who keep writing no matter what comes there way, it sometimes becomes too difficult to maintain a writing schedule.

2. Your framework is basically acute, but there’s a section you cannot get past. Because it’s monotonous or maybe you just can’t visualize how to shift from one narrative apex to another. You have a couple of composed moments, and you are unable to figure out how to move from one bit to the other bit. 

In each of the two contexts, a modest detour could be of great help, or going to a totally different tangent, seeing what happens. There is a feasibility of finding a better transformation between those moments and some connectivity with other plots. Probably there is something to be hit upon which you haven't thought of yet.

4. You are perplexed in the middle and have no clue of what comes next.


The case can be that you lack an outline or you abandoned it a while ago! This happens quite sometimes, a day before you were on roll, writing many promising plots and bits that would soon develop and the very next day, when you have a look at your own document you seem to be lost. You have no direction of where it was leading to. You believed you kept things in right place where you could merely pick up the ball and keep jogging, contrary to that you can't even take a step ahead.

What you need to do is be calm and give it a thought. Go back and revisit what you already wrote. Rejuvenate and bounce back with fresh ideas. If you remain stuck for a little longer then maybe it’s time to drop a safe on someone.If the story comes to a standstill, introduce some plots that might play with reader’s mind. In order to keep the story moving, twist the knife, throw a dice, take a chance on the probability of what could happen next.

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