"Sometimes its the smallest decision that can change your life forever."We ourselves find very difficult sometimes, when we are double - minded to take the decision.At such moment we think of taking help of other person too to take correct decision.Last week, when i was asking my daughter  on which song she is going to perform?? she said i Mom pls don' t ask me i will perform on the song which i want. I was surprised to see the confidence of taking decision of her own. So i thought i should not give her any more advises. We often think kids are small and they are innocent to take the decisions of their own but, what i feel is we should give them the freedom of taking decisions ..We will be surprised to hear their logic they use for decision making..To take decision its a very big thing as it can be correct or incorrect also.Correct decision can acheive success whereas,incorrect decisions can give us failures..Teach children to take correct decisions when and how??Kids do take but sometimes even they are wrong they just take it  as a result they get start taking decisions at a very tender age for eg..if you ask a 2 n1/2 girl what she want like car or doll she within a moment will reply a doll.Because girls are fond of dolls and it makes them easier to give their decision in a few seconds.We often see when kids are angry they make their own decisions that they are disliked, they are ignored, no one likes them..this are the temporary  decisions which they take when they are angry..because after an hour they change it very easily as they don' t keep anything in their mind and forget it easily what had happened.. but it works opposite against us...We make permanent decisions for the incidents which takes place in our life..But, " its said, "Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings".Kids face problem to take decision when they are-Confused-Lost- Unclear-Unsured-DisorientedWe should keep on guiding and practising on decision skills development in kids.Gaining confidence and building trust helps them to do so..The problem is we always give two or three options / choices to the kids which creates a confusion in their mind either this or that or both?? Suppose we take kids for shopping and their are two choices whether the jacket or the sweater we stress the kid by having eye contact to select one and finish it off..and when we return home we find when the child trails the selected option questions himself oh shits,, i would have purchased jacket instead this old fashioned sweater..and feels upset on the wrong decision he/ she took in the shop..When they come to us we tell them you only selected it its of your choice  you decided it to have... Where kids innocently answer mom you were in hurry and angry for the time i took for the purchasing.Which is absolutely correct to take the decision under the botheration may disatisfy..or also we can say " haste goes waste."I too face the problem with the kids while distributing slates , writing pencils kids have options to i want the red one, the cartoon slate etc...and if one decide the others also start at such time i have to be strict and i distribute whatever i want..We always need to judge the kids for the decisions they take..Few tips can help kids to take decisions-- Involve kids for the decisions you take.For eg..purchase of car, t.v. Etc..-Discuss problems.-Ask them to solve problems.-remain calm with them .- do not try to take decisions for your kids when they are against it ..- if necessary tell them why you want to take that decision , its results.-give them the apportunity to take decision and appreciate them.- Give less options in early stage of kids.- Comment on the stories you tell and ask questions why??
Many more things are there to be monitored depending the environment, behaviour of the kids..Sometimes kids take decision for risk, let them take experience on it and learn from it.We also learn through mistakes and the decisions we take.Its a human tendency we often feel oh i would have done M.B.A instead of C.A...So lets see and take care it won' t happen with our kids lets increase the confidence of taking decisions independently in th future..As one of the hardest decision' s you' ll ever face in life is choosing whethet to walk away or try harder...


Trupt D.