Summary -This article describes simple guidelines to import Excel to Outlook contacts in a step-by-step manner. After reading this blog the user can easily transfer contacts from Excel to Outlook address book.

As we all know contacts play an important role to connect us with one another either professional or non-professional user. Now, people prefer to save their contacts and email addresses in their phones or email applications, to synchronize these email address books to any email client. Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email application these days, providing secure storage of data. As a free web-based Microsoft email client it provides various benefits to the users where the distribution list is a prominent feature liked by users.

This feature saves the efforts and time of the user by allowing them to send the same information to various other users by creating a contact group. But, when a user tries to migrate from Excel to Outlook contacts faces many issues. It seems not an easy task to do. So, here we have come up with an appropriate solution to your problem by simplifying the task and providing you simple technique to import XLS to Outlook contacts. Go through the blog below and you will understand the procedure. 

STEP 1 – Make Excel File Outlook Importable

1.Download SysTools Excel to Outlook Contacts Converter

2. Click on the Browse button and select the MS Excel file you want the software to display on the screen.

3. After selecting, the software will display the following screen. Click on the Open button.

4. You will be shown the whole content of the selected XLSX/XLS/XLSM file. Click on Next to continue the process.

5. After this, you will be provided with the option of mapping. Choose the Excel and vCard fields and then click on theNext button.

6. Check all the options you want the software to handle during the conversion process. The software also allows converting Excel to Outlook contacts with empty email addresses. It can create a single vCard file or can create individual .vcf for each contact present in the selected Excel sheet.

This software export all versions of vCard i.e. 2.1, 3.0, & 4.0

7. You can change the location as per your choice or it will save automatically to the default location.

8. Click on the Convert button to start the process of conversion. Here the software will show several empty email addresses and the number of contacts to vCard.

9. Open vCard and now you are ready to import from Excel to Outlook contacts

Note:If Excel file is in .csv format, jump to step 2;

STEP 2: Import Output File in Outlook

Part 1 – How to Import Excel file to Outlook

  • First, choose File in Outlook

  • Then, choose Open & Export >> Import/Export

  • Choose to Import through another program and then click on Next.

  • If the file is CSV - Browse to the .csv file you want to import from Excel to Outlook contacts.

  • If the file is vCard - Select Import a vCard file (.vcf)

  • You will be given some Options whether to replace duplicates(existing contacts), create duplicate contact, or not to import duplicate contacts.

  • Click Next and choose the location for your contacts. Click Next

  • Before clicking on Finish, check whether you have done mapping of the columns in your CSV file to the contact fields in Outlook.   

Part 2 – MapExcelFields with OutlookContactFields

1. Click the Map Custom Fields button. The dialog box appears.

  • Under From, you will see column names from the CSV file you are importing.

  • Under To, you will see standard fields that Outlook uses for contacts. If the field matches a column in the CSV file, you will see your column under Mapped from.

  • The fields Name, First Name, and Last name are basic Outlook contact fields needed to be fulfilled.

2. You have to do some manual mapping when you are unable to find the exact match in Outlook. Here you can find a suitable match in Outlook by doing this:

  • Scroll down in the pane on the right you will find Other Address, which has a plus sign(+). Click on it to expand

  • After clicking you will see a good match.

3. Drag the option and drop it in the right pane accordingly.

4. One option at a time and drag the rest of the values from the left pane to the outlook field in the right pane.

5. Click Finish and your Excel to Outlook contact import.

6. To view your contacts in Outlook, choose the People icon at the bottom of the navigation bar.


Now you know how to export Excel to Outlook contacts. The tips mentioned in the article ensures you quick conversion of contacts and the tool mentioned here is highly reliable. It is one of the best tools that simplify the process and lessen the efforts of the user.